How to practice Qigong What are the benefits of practicing Qigong?

How to practice Qigong What are the benefits of practicing Qigong?

Qigong is also one of the methods of health exercise. Now more and more people practice Qigong, especially in middle-aged and elderly people. In the morning, they will see the practice of Qigong in middle-aged and elderly people. Qigong actually has many benefits and can be very good.If you practice, then your body is definitely good, and the fitness effect is also very good, so what are the human benefits for practicing Qigong?
Let’s take a look at the benefits of practicing Qigong.
銆€銆€Practicing qigong is a unique method of self-exercise.
It makes people’s mind activities, internal organs and body movements and body movements cooperate with each other, mobilizes the “true gas” operation in the body, and slowly and gradually adjusts and enhances the physiological functions of the human body through active self-regulation to achieve physical fitness., the purpose of preventing disease and treating diseases, and prolonging life.
Most diseases of the human body are caused by high-level neurological activity disorders.
And practicing Qigong can directly adjust health care.
銆€銆€If a person is under stress and stress for a long time, it will cause a series of pathological changes, leading to high blood pressure, peptic ulcer, neurasthenia and other diseases.
The qi function eliminates brain tension and stress, and causes the excitation of the cerebral cortex to enter a state of inhibition, thereby eliminating the pathological and physiological basis of the disease and maintaining good health.
銆€銆€When practicing Qigong, due to slow heart rate and peripheral vasodilation, it can improve blood flow response, reduce heart burden, improve coronary circulation and myocardial metabolism, regulate fat metabolism, and improve anticoagulant ability, thereby improving cardiovascular function.
People with high blood pressure, after 5 minutes of starting exercise, blood pressure begins to decline, after 30 minutes can reach the level of blood pressure during drug-induced sleep, long-term adherence to practice helps blood pressure drop.
銆€銆€When the human body is healthy, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves coordinate with each other to maintain a dynamic balance.
Once the tension of a certain part of the nerve is too strong or too weak, the two lose balance and the body will become pathologically changed and become sick.
Practicing qigong reduces the body’s stress on the outside world, weakens the activities of various tissues and organs, and reduces the nerve impulses sent to the nerve center, making the nerve center in a protective inhibition state, which is conducive to the balance and coordination of vegetative nerves.Thereby eliminating certain lesions and enhancing human health.
銆€銆€When relaxing and calming, the heart rate is slowed down, the body’s oxygen consumption is reduced, and energy metabolism is also reduced, so that all parts of the body re-accumulate energy and accumulate energy.
Qigong is an effective energy storage process.
銆€銆€When practicing qigong, the infuriating gas runs in the body and has a good regulating effect on the function of internal organs. The breathing method emphasized by the exercises also plays a similar massage effect on various organs.
When the gas accumulates in the lower abdomen, it promotes blood circulation in the small intestine, thereby improving and enhancing the intestinal absorption function.
銆€銆€Through exercise, everyone must pay attention to qigong, especially for many people, we all know that practicing qigong is still not suitable for many people, so we must choose some suitable people, although the above introductionA lot of the benefits of practicing Qigong, the benefits to the human body, but Qigong exercise still needs to be carried out step by step, do not delay the health, affect the body, prevent the body from appearing various lesions, so physical fitness can be exercised through Qigong.