“When dating and flattering leaders,Shouldn’t be disturbed by a third party!”

“Hahaha。”I guess Peng Changyi on the phone,He must be laughing proudly。
Wu Guanqi into the microphone,Word by word、Said harshly:“gloat,Roller wheel pockets!”Talking,Hung up,And shut down。
Yi Nan saw him shut down,Just said:“What is a potter’s wheel pocket??”
Wu Guanqi looked at her,Said:“Allegorical Words from Hometown,Wheel Handle,Shouldn’t you see it here。”
Yin Nan nodded and said:“I have a roller well in my house。”
Wu Guanqi said:“Roller wheel pockets,Means that everything is not something。Once the potter’s wheel leaves the potter’s wheel,How can it look like a thing。”
Yin Nan leaned forward with a smile,She clutched her belly and said:“You two really amusing me,So interesting——”
Wu Guanqi laughed too,He said:“Yes,then,We all said,‘Jun ride,I wear Li,Meet tomorrow and get off;Jun Danzhen,I straddle,Meet tomorrow as the king’,I never thought it was so long,He’s in politics,I am in the business world,Both have experienced too many accidents,but,This friendship,Still need。”
this is《Yueyao Song》Verse,Means a two-day agreement,No matter who develops in the future,Don’t forget each other,Cherish the friendship between each other,。It is said that,The name of Dai Li From here。
When Wu Guanqi said this poem,Very light tone,But speak clearly,Yin Nan can feel the friendship between the two men,I can also feel the unforgettable friendship between the tabletops for so many years,She can also rely on the unique sensitivity of women,Suffering the vicissitudes of Wu Guanqi’s heart……
She snuggled in Wu Guanqi’s arms,Muttered:“Wu Guanqi,I also need……”
Wu Guanqi heard Yin Nan say this,Just look at her,Said:“What you need should be higher than this……”
“Ok?”Yin Nan is a little puzzled。
Wu Guanqi said slyly:“I’m right,Should be higher,like this……”Talking,To reach her face,About to kiss her。
Yin Nan lowered his head and avoided,she was Flushed,Like the sunset on the horizon。
Yin Nan’s shy expression and flushed face,Stirred his mind and body,Make him overjoyed,This stubborn girl,Finally retracted all the thorns on the body,Showed tenderness and shyness in front of him,He suddenly said with emotion:“baby,in fact,Your expression after disarming is pretty cute。”
Yin Nan looked at herself alertly,The big upper bodyTGood shirt,Said inexplicably:“Disarm?”