Qin Liang struggled for a moment,Had no choice but to say。

“This chocolate-flavored ice cream is so delicious!Really want to eat one more,Ugh!”
Yang Shiyun started to change the subject。
“Then eat one more,It’s not easy?”
Qin Liang answered casually。
“No way!You will gain weight if you eat too much!”
Yang Shiyun said reluctantly。“Pull it down!I really don’t believe it!Ate two ice creams,You can grow 20 catties of meat tomorrow?Do you think you are taking a bulking agent?!”
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Chapter two hundred and seventy three Pretending not to know each other
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Qin Liang immediately retorted。
“Don’t persuade me anymore!Otherwise I can’t help it!”
Yang Shiyun suddenly waved his hands and said。