Experts remind the Great Cold to prevent cold and disease to welcome the new spring


Experts remind the Great Cold to prevent cold and disease to welcome the new spring

Cold and disease prevention and welcome to the new 1, the cold must be more anti-heart disease, the cold weather has always been an important period of health care, folks have a history of “big cold, cold, wind and cold; early drinking ginseng sassafras, evening service 鏉炶強鍦伴粍涓?.

At this time, most office workers ushered in the most arduous work of the year, how to maintain the body during this cold season.

In the case of dramatic changes in temperature, it is necessary to protect the mind and protect the brain. In winter, it is cold and cold, and the season of life is hidden. The winter health should conform to the law of natural closure, and the foundation of yin and yang is adopted.

During this period, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and respiratory diseases are highly prone to aggravation or seizures.

According to statistics, in the Great Cold Festival, the incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke reached the highest level.

In addition, some hypertensive patients with poor blood vessel elasticity often increase blood pressure changes within one day of the cold weather, and many patients with old slow-moving branches are less likely to relapse at this time as long as they are not careful.

People who are physically taller should live in a warm room and try to reduce their exit or coldness.

From indoors to high-rises, when the temperature difference penetrates, you may want to adapt to the cold air in the porch, and then go out.

2, keep warm and nourish the yin and dryness. Another important point of health during the cold is yin.

The cold weather is the driest period of the year. The average air humidity during the day is generally less than 50%. Sometimes even indoors is only about 30%. Many people with respiratory problems often have coughs.The liquid is thick and the cough is not clean.

For patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is easy to cause an increase in blood viscosity.

More seriously, if the blood vessel elasticity is reduced due to high blood pressure, old age, etc., it is also likely to cause myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and other dangerous situations.

3, from the cold to the cold, a large amount of cold during a cold is also a high incidence of cold, pneumonia, high blood pressure and other respiratory diseases; people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high blood pressure, emphysema should pay special attention.

Due to the persistent low temperature, the skin vasoconstriction, blood pressure is increased, and the workload of the heart is increased, which is easy to induce hypertension and hypertension.

Dry and cold climates can also easily cause colds, emphysema and bronchitis in the elderly.

If the room is often heated or air-conditioned, in addition to frequent window ventilation, it is best to use some air humidifiers to increase the humidity in the air.

When sleeping at night, if you use electric blankets, try not to prescribe or drive too hot.

In addition, in the winter, people should consciously increase the amount of drinking water, do not wait until the mouth to dry before thinking of drinking water.

Experts recommend drinking a cup of warm water before going to sleep and after getting up.

It is best to drink a little water before and after bathing to supplement the water lost by the body.

Cardiovascular patients avoid mood swings.

Folk customs have a statement of “warm the body first, warm heart, warm body temperature.”

This is, only the heart is strong, the air is smooth, the blood is smooth, and the whole body can be warmed by the limbs, and the human body can resist the invasion of the harsh winter.

The old Chinese doctor said that Dahan Health focuses on “hidden”.

During this period, people should control their spiritual activities, keep their spirits quiet, and have peace of mind. Patients with chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should avoid excessive emotional changes.

It is worth mentioning that the Great Cold Season is after New Year’s Day. Before the Spring Festival, for the office workers, it is the most arduous time of work in the year. The human body is extremely fatigued and consumes the essence of life.

Therefore, during this period, pay special attention to rest and keep your mood calm.

For the elderly, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid overjoyed or sad, to maintain a comfortable mood, peace of mind, so that the body is fluent and smooth, to achieve “righteousness in the air, evil can not be done”, reducing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.