“What are you going to do?Wouldn’t it be Wang Degui’s revenge?!“Ouyang Hong asked a little worried。

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“If this matter is placed in the past few years,I still beat。But not now!You say he is an old man,I am a strong young man,Go find him,This spread,How shame you are。Moreover,I went to find Wang Degui,Is bound to arouse his three sons,Thus,Maybe the whole Xiping Village will be messed up again“
“No loss is the boss,The ability to see and analyze problems is very good,But there is one thing you have thought about?For example, this Wang Youcai is going to fight back,That his dad’s injury is heavier than your http://www.mnbhw.cn dad’s,If you want your family to lose money,What should you do with this??“Ouyang Hong inferred from one another,Think of,Figured it all out。
It seems that Ouyang Hong has a better understanding of his hometown。Treat this family,Can still play cards,Otherwise, you will definitely lose.。
“How about this!After dinner, I bring some gifts to see Wang Degui“Xia Jian suddenly said so。
Ouyang Hongyi listen,Eyes widened in surprise,It took a while before she said:“You are a brilliant trick!Their three precious sons,I would never have thought of you like this。fair enough,Let’s salute first,I accompany you,I might prove it。
The two have discussed,Xia Jian called Zhao Hong,Let her lead everyone to dinner。Because someone is lying in the hospital,So everything is simple。
After eating, Xia Jian asked Xi Zhen to take the black baby to buy some http://www.lyzhizuo.cn gifts,Then led by Ouyang Hong,Went to Wang Degui’s ward。Xia Jian must have silenced everyone about this,I can’t let Xia Zecheng and Sun Yuejuan know。
Wang Degui lives in a single ward,I live better than Xia Zecheng in terms of conditionsVIPSecond time,But for the average patient,It’s already a very good thing。
Okay,Wang Degui’s family is here。There are also a few relatives of their Wang family in the room,What’s in the cousin’s cousin?。Ouyang Hong is at the forefront,Xia Jian followed her,Behind is the black baby with the gift box。
Xia Jian’s suddenly appeared,Really surprised the Wang family。Chen Yueqin thought Xia Jian was here to find something,She stood up busy,Protected in front of Wang Degui。
“Oops Uncle Wang!I’m so sorry,I didn’t expect my dad to start so hard,I heard that I almost sent you away?”Xia Jian’s words,Sounds very awkward。Want to say there is a problem?Really can’t find it,But it doesn’t sound good。
Ouyang Hong is uniquely greeted by Xia Jian,Almost laughed out loud。But ginger is old and spicy,Wang Degui laughed and said:“I went,People don’t want Lord Yan,Say I’m still alive,I just want to accept your dad,But your dad won’t go away!”
“My dad doesn’t want to go,But want you to accompany him”Xia Jian laughed,It’s perfect to take this sentence。To see some of Wang Degui’s relatives,Amused by this old and young,The atmosphere in the ward suddenly improved a lot。
Xia Jian sat on Wang Degui’s hospital bed by himself,Hehe smiled and said:“how about it?Is it better??”
“No way,Your father is too heavy,The doctor said,Not a year or a half,I can’t take care of this injury。You came here too,My medical expenses are almost gone,You said to me”Wang Degui is an old traitor,In a few words, Xia Jian will be inside。
But he found the wrong person,Don’t look at Xia Jian’s young age,He had already thought that Wang Degui would come out like this,So he laughed and said:“Uncle Wang made a mistake, right!My http://www.eddanet.cn dad’s medicine is almost stopped,I paid for his hospitalization!I won’t pay it now,You figure it out’
”Xia Jian!Are you here to find something?!“Wang Youcai stepped forward to Xia Jian,Said fiercely。