With the sound of the sound,Population,Seventeen and thick big people enter the field,For the first one in one person,With a pair of glasses,Very stinked,The face is gloomy and terrible。

It is the Meng family, who is heard in the rush.,Menghai。 I have learned the summer identity on the road.,But still didn’t expect him to be strong here.。 In his plan,Summer should be here,Holded the inside,Then give the season red……Can now be obviously inconsistent with the plan。 Don’t he don’t care about those people’s death??

But this is not the key。

The key is that the Baihua Group is on the rumor tip.。 It is accidental coincidence,Still? Although I have only seen Longteng cloud,But the old fox is extremely hidden,And very good face。 Moreover,Even if summer red clothes really press the dragon,Summer does not think that the dragon’s home is in the hometown.,Need a whisper to

“How did your wound get hurt?”

“This……This one……I got into a Huanghuali cabinet a few days ago and accidentally scratched it。” Qin Zhi is not that silly and sweet,Judging from the shape of Chen Xiu’s wound, it is obviously caused by a sharp object such as a http://www.muyujob.cn knife.,How could it be injured by a blunt object like wood。 But he

Waiting for Faba, from his office,Chen Linzhi calculates the time difference,Playing a call to Anna Atas。

Anna Atas is still in France,Complament after brief communication: “List,I may not make Dior,This company is temporarily missing,The chairman of the board is always perfunctory,It seems that I want to accept my financing,But don’t give me an accurate reply。I will stay in France.,Otherwise, you will count.,I bought a ticket to go back to San Francisco

“What are you going to do?Wouldn’t it be Wang Degui’s revenge?!“Ouyang Hong asked a little worried。

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“If this matter is placed in the past few years,I still beat。But not now!You say he is an old man,I am a strong young man,Go find him,This spread,How shame you are。Moreover,I went to find Wang Degui,Is bound to arouse his three sons,Thus,Maybe the whole Xiping Village will be messed

“Yup,Moreover,Reaction speed for Gongbao,Are you in your heart??Is this possible to react??”

“What mean, what is it?,Can you come to understand the explanation?。” “Attempt,Don’t you understand this??brother,Palace treasure this wave operation is opened,It’s completely in the seduce.。” “Yup,If he doesn’t give Gario open,How can this wave group battle??” “Yup,And the reaction speed of Gongbao,Not also launched in the back of the purification second solutionR,Then get the passing

Summer clouds spit out a breath,“The Guardian Alliance was spread,I am going to push the three education to the front http://www.2dgh.cn desk.,Replaced,How do you think?”

“Very good。” Summer is very casual,“When the Liuzi Air drop in Liuzi,A new alliance,You should have this kind of thing.?” “Be,Liuzi’s business and integration,Very effective,Almost can go up,correct,Are you interested in the town three?,After all, now the whole ancient weapon,Tell you to Wu Shen。” “Wushen?” Summer mouth,“I do not know how。” “It is not too

“Bride,The disciple begged you.,Tell me how to save her body。”Lin Feng lost his voice:“The disciple begged you.,give me some time。”

“There are Antarctic and Arctic above the earth,You put her body in the south,Solid ice suppression,Can guarantee thirty-three years old,Speak with your modern people,Xuan ice is minus108Degree area。”Big red robe glamorous http://www.hebzgrs.cn girl ghost teacher explained:“And now in the top of her state, three days,So three days you have to put in Xuanbo deep。” “Antarctic,it

but,Still late。

Masters,The battle is the first line.。 “boom” He was bombarded by a punch.,Turn out,Blood mad spray。 This punch is too heavy.,Summer feels that your five internal organs are broken.,Breathing is suffocated。 “Windsome!” He quickly adjusts the center of gravity,Shade,Dead staring http://www.cchxsgc.cn at each other,“The wind can break through the hero level!” Wang Xiongbao walks,“Give you