Blue Xin and two mothers said hello,Just together with Lu Hao。

Lin Yu Tian and Han Jingjing are busy。 at the same time,The first group of models have been played。 Exciting music is also accompanied by models of the model。 “Continental,Blue Director,You are coming。”Yao Yao watched two people greeted。 Lu Haocheng glanced over her,Not talking。 Blue Xinyu,“Are you ready??” Yao Yao nodded:“Model is ready,Lin Director

He Yumei is not well educated,After graduating from high school, I married a classmate。Can’t say how deep the feelings are,But after all, they talked about it themselves,Did not embark on the old road of rural marriage arrangements。

After marriage, He Yumei has great ambitions。But the countryside is relatively feudal,Women have no right to be the masters。So He Yumei pushed her husband in front,She became the real man behind the scenes。 When He Yumei’s husband was the village head,The development of Zhangluhe Village is not fast,But it’s the best among the surrounding villages。It’s

“wipe!”Lin Feng heard a sentence,However, Lin Feng did not refute,indeed,This is called mountain,This is a great powerful headquarters.。

Mountain range,Hand holding countless resources,Raise thousands of disciples。 “Hey-hey,I suggest the relocation of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”Tiger King draws a few words:“Burgeon, there is no big power headquarters in the plains,Also,But occupying the emperor!” “Royal?”Lin Feng heard the confusion。 “So-called emperor,For example, two of the capital,They take the emperor,This kind of thing represents a

Xia Jian in Xiniuyuan heard Zhang Sangui told him,It seems to be an underground casino,So when he got in the car, he wondered if Lu Wanting was controlled by these people,Anyway, people who are out there,Do anything。

The navigation in the car is really awesome,Didn’t spend much time,I have arrived at Xi Niu Park118number。After Xia Jian parked the car,,Just walked in。Because the alley is too small,The car can’t get in at all。 The alley is deep,And there are no street lights in some places,It’s still a little timid to walk in alone。Suddenly

I want to consider the shares with Su big brother.,After all, we are all on a battles.,Golden brother has opened more than a do one for himself, and it is ready to go out or continue to fight with Li Mei.?”

The 588th chapter new proposal Li Hui’s words opened,Let Su Chang and Jin Mingwu。 Because Su is from beginning to end, I don’t want to get into dyeing into the theme of Jin Mingwu.,After all, Jin Mingwu belongs to the gold home.,And the background is not weak in the existence of Li Jia.。 He didn’t

“Do you want to eat corn??”

Tirah repeated it over again。 “Do you want to eat??You want to eat with your grandfather.!But be careful,Find a place to find an empty point!Weather,The things on the mountain are very easy!” Niu Niu didn’t understand why Hua, why didn’t I find myself?。 “You also want to eat.!Then you go to my grandfather.!” “I

At this moment, he is return on the way.。

Eighth movements of the road,Pathway rainbow,Has been cultivated by him to the third floor。 Flying the sky below the exhibition,It is like a stream of flow.,Blink is a thousand meters。 It is worth mentioning that,Behind the wings,Also become black。 Completely substantially,Like two crystal clear black jade。 But in the original old forest,It is not convenient

“Don’t you know that??If I know that the gain of the gods don’t know,Then I will tell you,Unfortunately, I don’t know if you don’t know.。”

Lin ring is not happy to Xianning’s,But no episode,Sit to another chair: “What is the purpose of a roller in the court??” Chapter 151 “Nothing purpose。It is not sealed,Not as good as the active seal。” Lin Nong did not speak,Waiting for Jining to continue to explain to him。 “They are the existence of the

Victoria and summer nojust standing there,Move。

Only micro-light light,In order to blur the worries and dignity on the face of the two faces。 For a long time。 Victoria can’t help but。 “Senior,Why do we come out?,Looking at him inside?,In case of accidents,You can also……”When the third drug is taken under summer,Victoria has been caught up by the summer.。 Not caught