[Can’t sleep and want to pop]_Sexual relationship_What to do

[Can’t sleep and want to pop]_Sexual relationship_What to do

Sex is a very common thing in our lives. We often have a desire for sex. Sometimes we feel like we can’t sleep and want to slap. But many times we are lonely. We can neither masturbate nor masturbate.Doing other things, I can hardly sleep, so what kind of measures should we take to solve such awkward problems?


4-7-8 breathing method is very simple, just use your nose to inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and finally exhale for 8 seconds. After doing 3 cycles, you will be aware of drowsiness., But as long as you insist on doing it twice a day for 6-8 weeks, you can quickly fall asleep in 60 seconds!


Taking a hot bath or hot tub half an hour before bedtime can even wash away the filth of the day, it can also soothe and relax the pressure on the skin, and reduce the stress of work and life.

At the same time, taking a hot bath before going to bed can increase body temperature and strengthen pajamas, which can help you fall asleep better.


Milk before going to bed Foreigners generally like to drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed, which can regulate the inside of the body and make it easier for you to fall asleep.


With the vertical nostril breathing method, you need to lie on the bed in an up and down position, press your right nostril with your fingers, and then slowly take a deep breath. This method is intended to reduce the blood pressure of the person to maintain a stable state, especially for those daysPeople who have body heat or hot flashes during menopause have good results.


At night when the electronic equipment is turned off, people usually feel a little sleepy. When you feel sleepy, go to sleep immediately. The probability of falling asleep is very high.

But many people in life are used to browsing the news with their mobile phones five minutes before bedtime.

It’s just this small five minutes, because of the stimulation of electronic devices, driving your drowsiness and making your brain more and more excited.


Squeeze and relax: lie flat on the bed and take a deep breath with your nose, while bending your toes together to bend and squeeze, and then slowly relax after reaching the tolerable tip, and so on.

This method uses the principle of relaxing the muscles of the whole body to help sleep, because the movement of curling toes can further affect the muscles of your thighs, abdomen and even upper limbs until you feel tired and quickly fall asleep.


Reading this method is suitable for people who don’t like to read books. They want to sleep as soon as they read a book. You may wish to take advantage of this attribute to read a book before going to bed to help you fall asleep.


Try to stay awake. If you find that you ca n’t fall asleep, it ‘s better to do the opposite. Open your eyes and meditate on “I do n’t want to sleep” to keep you awake.You will gradually feel the fatigue of the eye muscles and go to sleep.


Any light wearing an eye patch may interfere with sleep.

Under the interference of light, your body will mistakenly believe that it is not time to fall asleep, and the robe affects the secretion of hormones that promote sleep.

So in order to fall asleep better, you can adjust the light and lighting of the room, or stay with a blindfold before going to bed.


Acupuncture on acupuncture points has multiple acupoints on the body to help sleep.

For example, dialysis the center of the eyebrow with the fingertips twice, once for 20 seconds, then sit on the edge of the bed, put the right foot on the upper left, and hold the acupuncture point between the big toe of the right foot and the second toe, and finally, block it.The acupoint just below the toenails of the second toe of the right foot is sufficient.