Wang Jiadong says:“Changyi,Xiaoshu is tired today,Xiaoqiang is his own,His driver is also his own,He sent me the same as you sent me,Don’t worry。”

Peng Changyi thought for a while,Say:“Well,You always get in the car before I go。”
Peng Changyi and Gu Zhuo helped Wang Jiadong into the car together,Then Gu Zhuo also sat in。Chu Xiaoqiang said to the two plainclothes standing not far away:“You guys go eat,I have arranged it for you,Go back to the game after eating。”
The two people watched the chief get in the car before leaving。
On the road,Shu Qing asked Peng Changyi:“Why did Xiaoqiang bring two plain clothes?”
Peng Changyi said with a smile:“Women don’t ask so much why?”
Shu Qing“Humph”Silent。
Peng Changyi said with a smile:“Those two people,It’s a special police officer Xiaoqiang brought from the Jinan Police Team,Kung fu is great。”
“Didn’t you say that the provincial government would not let him lead people??”
“That is the beginning,I’m definitely not allowed to bring,There are regulations,It’s not a problem to ask for someone later,It’s normal transfer work,This kid,Quasi,I asked for another driver without a word。”Peng Changyi’s tone of approval。
Shu Qing asked puzzledly:“Does the Langzhu Public Security Bureau have no suitable drivers??”
Peng Changyi said:“you’re so dumb?Xiaoqiang has been here for less than half a year,He almost ran the policeman all over,Even the political commissar let him out,In addition,Increased the cleanup of the internal team,Police officers are not allowed to participate in business operations in any form、Buy shares,Reorganize entertainment venues,Broke the money for many people,Can no one hate him?Can’t do him clearly,I have to calculate his behind,He almost had a car accident once,Obviously a muck truck without a license plate ran into his car,Fortunately he is a special police background,First-class car skills,Otherwise he would be dead,He has encountered something like this twice。”
“Gosh,too frightening!”Shu Qing screamed in shock。
“What’s so scary about this,I have encountered many such things,More thrilling。”