5 kinds of obesity caused by leg obesity


5 kinds of obesity caused by leg obesity

Walking posture is not good, it will lead to obesity in the legs. Friends who lose weight should always pay attention to the posture when they walk. If there are the following situations, they should be improved.

銆€銆€Kicking away: Some people have a habit of kicking away because they are afraid of dirty water or dirt on the ground wearing shoes or pants.

When you kick, the body will lean forward. When you walk, only the toes will kick to the ground, then step on a bend and the heel will be lifted up.

Therefore, when walking, the waist is rarely exerted, much like walking a small step.

If you have the habit of kicking, then it is best to be careful not to make the whole leg fat.

銆€銆€Pressing the foot: It is very similar to kicking, but the way to press the foot is to walk on the ground with the feet longer than the person who walks.

When you walk, the weight of the body will be pressed on the toes and then lifted up.

If this continues for a long time, the muscles of the calves will become more and more developed, and there will be annoying radish legs.

銆€銆€Inside the eight-character movement: Many Japanese women are inside the eight-character movement, it looks very cute!

However, you know that this type of internal character will cause o-legs for a long time.

銆€銆€Outside the eight-character walk: Have you seen the way the big brother of the underworld on TV?

That’s right, that’s the way to go outside.

If you have the habit of walking outside the eight-character, then please note that the outer eight-word moves to expand the scope, the feeling is not temperament, the leg shape will become ugly, and even produce x-legs.

銆€銆€Toes: The person who walks on tiptoes is actually meant to make the pace even better.

Because it is too hard on the toes, it is easy to cause the radish legs because the upper feet exert a force on the calves.

銆€銆€These are the common walking and bad postures, and you should pay attention to the beautiful mm!

But be careful to walk safely, don’t patronize your walking posture and forget to watch the traffic lights.