Summer clouds spit out a breath,“The Guardian Alliance was spread,I am going to push the three education to the front desk.,Replaced,How do you think?”

“Very good。” Summer is very casual,“When the Liuzi Air drop in Liuzi,A new alliance,You should have this kind of thing.?” “Be,Liuzi’s business and integration,Very effective,Almost can go up,correct,Are you interested in the town three?,After all, now the whole ancient weapon,Tell you to Wu Shen。” “Wushen?” Summer mouth,“I do not know how。” “It is not too

Xia Jian in Xiniuyuan heard Zhang Sangui told him,It seems to be an underground casino,So when he got in the car, he wondered if Lu Wanting was controlled by these people,Anyway, people who are out there,Do anything。

The navigation in the car is really awesome,Didn’t spend much time,I have arrived at Xi Niu Park118number。After Xia Jian parked the car,,Just walked in。Because the alley is too small,The car can’t get in at all。 The alley is deep,And there are no street lights in some places,It’s still a little timid to walk in alone。Suddenly

Wu Wu on the phone:“Ok”And then said:“I know Brother Wang,Then you be careful,I will check this。Apart from our opponent Chen Feng would do such shameless things,Can’t think of other people”

Wang Youcai arranged for Wu Wu on the phone,When he drove the car to go back to Xu Lihong’s place,The phone rang again。He had to park the car on the side of the road,Then I connected the phone without looking。 The voice of my old lady Chen Yueqin came over the phone:“Rich!You drive back quickly,Niuniu

Xia Jian at this time,Then you want to enjoy the moon,He just thought,How can I get Lu Wanting, a tricky woman, to hand over which photos?,Otherwise, sooner or later it will be a*,Maybe throw it out that day,Will blow up again。

“All right!You should go back,Is it possible that I want to sleep here?I’m not Su Yiman”Lu Wanting suddenly ordered Xia Jian,Her voice is cold,Can’t hear any beauty。 Xia Jian snorted coldly:“You think you are beautiful!I still look down on,Let alone sleep”Xia Jian deliberately stimulated Lu Wanting,He is looking for the last chance“ “I am not

Su Xiaoxiao’s consciousness covered his mouth。

A blank brain,I can’t say what emotions are.。 Angry? Perhaps,But not much。 More is shocking,Unprecedented shock。 To know,Summer in her heart,Has been a near perfect existence。 Handsome,humor,mild,Considerate,omnipotent。 he……How can he be so vulgar?…… One time,Su Xiaoxiao’s three views have been subversited。 Slight sound,Obstead alarm summer。 He turned his head,Laughing,Cordial。 not only that,Video of the

But this Sengge,Don’t look at his fat body,Flexible underfoot,Just listen to the rustle,Two steps back,Then stopped。

Fang Fang just hit the ground,The legs are like tops,Sweep the dust on the ground,Brother Sen is hiding a little bit slower now,Just plop,The whole person is like a wall,Fell to the ground,People ran over immediately from both sides,Helped people up。 Xia Jian standing on the opposite bank of the river,Only then can I see

“FAK!”Jordan scolded an swear word,What’s the situation with this kid,How can I predict my movements?。

“OMG!Look at this defense,Kobe100%Predicted every move of Michael,Michael’s turn knocked him to the ground。” “Kobe stands firmly on his feet,Obviously outside the reasonable collision zone。This is a wonderful foul。” O’Neill and Campbell hurried over and stretched out their big hands,Pulled Kobe from the ground。 “Nice job!”O’Neill patted Kobe on the chest,It’s not common for Jordan

Wait for Wang Sen to come from Aomen,The staff is complete,Wang Bo introduced the situation of starting the company to everyone again,The cousin immediately said to invest as many shares as he could give。Such companies have invested together600Wan Mi Jin,I invest360Wan Mi Jin Zhan60%Shares,Have absolute control over the company,And all the company’s investments are made by me,Others obey unconditionally。

Wang Bo Investment120Wan Mi Jin Zhan20%Shares,Legal representative of the company,Wang Sen Investment90Wan Mi Jin Zhan15%Shares,Weng Hongjin Investment30Wan Mi Jin Zhan5%Shares of。 In the afternoon,Wang Bo went to register the company,And opened a foreign exchange investment account in the name of the company。 Several people signed under the witness of the lawyer《Equity agreement》,Agreed on their respective

have nothing left!

Now he is in a state of collapse,Huang Lei believes,As long as he stimulates this guy,This guy will definitely be unlucky,The peaked cap can no longer support,He can no longer continue,Continue to support,He will collapse,There is absolutely no way to live well。 What happened in the past two days is indeed Huang Lei forced him


2020year3month7day Didn’t sleep well last night,It takes a long time to fall asleep when you turn off the lights。Then it stays light sleep,I felt almost awake when the alarm went off this morning,I want to turn off the alarm and continue to sleep, why can’t I fall asleep?。 After playing with the phone, get up