Since the last time I went to the hospital to buy a sword,Zhang Yihong took a good look at Mo Xiaosheng,Relying on his family background, the identity of the Major of the Military Intelligence Department of Mo Xiaosheng was investigated.,But the same investigation also revealed that Mo Xiaosheng was just hanging up an idle job.,So in his opinion,Even if Mo Xiaosheng has two kids,Not so good,Maybe it’s the level of an amateur boxing enthusiast。

“No way,Using your full strength will definitely kill you。” Mo Xiaosheng shook his head seriously,He lowered his head and looked at his right hand and said:“To prevent you from beating you by mistake,I should give up my right arm。” After speaking, he really put his right arm behind him again。 Everyone at the table next

Mo Xiaosheng shook his head helplessly and smiled,For the relationship between King Yueren and Hu Qingfeng“Deep hatred”,He has nothing to do。

After going upstairs,The waiter took Mo Xiaosheng and others to the private room that Hu Qingfeng had set long ago,Although it is a private room,But the whole hall is divided into several private pieces with wooden screens,But compared to the lobby downstairs,Still much quieter。 I saw that the other private rooms were already full of

“in my heart,My daughter has always been my pride,Always!Without her,I can’t live long ago,It’s just that her father and I have never been worthy of being her parents。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s mother suddenly said happily,It seems that the sadness and pain just now,Compared with her daughter,It’s nothing。 “mom……” Liu Xiaoyun won’t work in an instant……Two lines of tears rolled down her face in an instant。 “Ugh……” Everyone in the room couldn’t help but sighed。 “Let’s go out for a meal,Today is your family reunion

Mao Xiao also felt Hu Lai’s sudden enthusiasm,He didn’t quite understand why Hu Lai became energetic when he heard this,He shook his head questioningly:“No。How could I participate in that kind of boring game,They are mocking you in this way,Hu Lai。”

I heard that Mao Xiao didn’t attend,Hu Lai looked disappointed,The raised head also drooped down:“You missed a great opportunity to make money,Mao Xiao……” “Make money?What makes money?”Mao Xiao was confused。 Meng Xi can see it by the side,He hey:“Moneyless gambling,Hu Lai,Everyone just enjoys their mouths,I don’t even have a bet like a dinner party。” I


Chapter Eighty Hundred and Twenty Little colonel ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! “amazing!Women do not let the eyebrows!Old man admires!” The expert took a close look at the two little beauties in front of him,Nodding his head in admiration…… So from this day,This

“I taught myself,Not capable,But carelessness can still help people easily。”

Chen Hao answered a little embarrassed。 “I think you seem to be very professional。” Yanzi was still surprised。 “Professional,Don’t praise me,Ha ha。” Chen Hao was talking to Yanzi,I’m not idle,Continue to take turns to massage Song Min。 The swallows look more surprised,I look more admired,This dragon mixed elite female warrior who once crossed the world

Peng Changyi immediately understood what Ren Xiaoliang said“secretary”Who is it。Yajuan was transferred from Nanling,Zhong Mingyi’s fellow,No wonder Ren Xiaoliang is so enthusiastic,Not only do it yourself,Ask Yajuan to be the host of the golf opening ceremony,And sent someone to register for her,From Ren Xiaoliang’s attitude to please Yajuan,Peng Changyi knew that Yajuan must be transferred through Zhong Mingyi’s relationship。

For Yajuan,New arrival,In such a large event,Publicly gorgeous appearance Kangzhou,It’s an undesirable good thing,and so,Let her go to the countryside,Witness the hard work of the grassroots cadres,Tell Zhong Mingyi through her mouth,It’s also a way for Ren Xiaoliang to please the leader。Ha ha。 Thought of here,Peng Changyi smiled inwardly,Took the lead downstairs。The driver Gu hurried

Shen Fang got up on her bones,Get out of bed,Turned on the headlights of the room,Walk to the bedroom mirror,Open hair,Twisted,really,I saw something similar to a birthmark on my pale skin,Her face turned red immediately,Turned to look at Peng Changyi。

Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Sideways,Head punch,Pretending to be asleep。 Shen Fang muttered to herself,Said:“Maybe it was rubbing during the bath just now?” She turned off the headlights in the room,Went to bed carefully,Lying gently beside her husband,Watching her husband close his eyes,long time,Closed my eyes…… Peng Changyi is thinking about Jiang Fan,Got up early,Because he