But this is not the key。

The key is that the Baihua Group is on the rumor tip.。 It is accidental coincidence,Still? Although I have only seen Longteng cloud,But the old fox is extremely hidden,And very good face。 Moreover,Even if summer red clothes really press the dragon,Summer does not think that the dragon’s home is in the hometown.,Need a whisper to

I want to consider the shares with Su big brother.,After all, we are all on a battles.,Golden brother has opened more than a do one for himself, and it is ready to go out or continue to fight with Li Mei.?”

The 588th chapter new proposal Li Hui’s words opened,Let Su Chang and Jin Mingwu。 Because Su is from beginning to end, I don’t want to get into dyeing into the theme of Jin Mingwu.,After all, Jin Mingwu belongs to the gold home.,And the background is not weak in the existence of Li Jia.。 He didn’t

obviously,these people,More more, the more I feel excited.。

After all, now,These,In fact, it has been completely posted.。 Other things,It is time to do it first.。 But now,At this time, Li Tianlong is a swing against this.。 “Other things,Aunt, there is nothing to delay。” “But from now on this extent,These things,In fact, I look at me.,Isn’t it bad?。” Li Tianlong,It is very curious about


The big man does not have any reaction time at all。 Flavor。 Next second。 Summer five fingers are like a pliers to buckle the neck of the big man.。 Laughing moments on the face of the big man,Face color,Breathing suffocation。 A scene,Immediately caught the idea of guests around。 Look here。 What happened。 No one knows。

Just when Xia Jiangang hung up the phone,Song Fang and Wang Youfa came over。Wang Youfa took a long breath and said:“My dad has a great resentment towards me and my second child,He would rather believe in your big enemy,Don’t want to believe us。But as the eldest son of Lao Wang’s family,I still have the right to speak。Hospital can’t sell,This is my bottom line”

“In order to cure the disease,What can’t be sold?” Yao Chunjun ran over,She said with anger in her voice。 Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youfa and Song Fang said:“You think the problem is too simple,This hospital has taken out several million loans from the bank,You may not even have enough loans once you sell it,I

Central Hospital,The last girl who saw a child smiled and woke up,Like a frightened quail in her mother’s arms,The solemn female police officer asked repeatedly,The girl smiled and repeatedly confirmed that the child jumped off the cliff。

But the female police officer remained suspicious。 Homicide occurred,The man died on the spot,The woman was also declared dead after the rescue was invalid,Two lives in one case,This is in Ganning City, an ancient human landscape city with a low crime rate.,It is a very big case,Multi-party attention。 Not to mention,The murderer on the spot

She took the initiative to kiss me:“sorry!I blamed you。”

I said:“I’m too busy,I did treat you badly,Do you have any plans for National Day?” She was embarrassed:“I don’t know what arrangements you have,So on National Day, I made an appointment with Song Qi and others to go to the Shashi,Or i push over there,Come with you!” I was relieved:“Don’t push,National Day Martial Arts Hall

As usual, he wears a mask and hat before leaving school,Carrying another schoolbag,Walking slowly。

If not familiar,He must not be recognized as the famous super basketball star Huan Ye。 There are quite a lot of reporters who come to the school to block Shen Huan recently。 The reason is not that the reporters of gossip entertainment magazine are diligent,But those about science、physical、TV stations, newspapers and magazines for international news

Although the record of Danzang’s shot cannot be found,Age has passed its peak,But Naruto still has a vaguely dangerous instinct。

“Spiral pill!” “Wind escape·Vacuum Daiyu!” Danzo took a deep breath and spit it out,Will fly the whole body of the demon fox rushing towards him。 “Is this your strength,Monster Fox,With the help of the power of Nine Tails, you really disappoint me。” “hateful.”The demon fox man struggled to get up from the ground,“Demon Fox Armor,upgrade!”