The phone rang for a while and stopped,Ling Xiaoyun stripped herself,Walk to the bed,Got on the bed,Just reached out and hugged the woman who was also naked,The phone on the bedside suddenly rang again。

“who is this?Calling endlessly,Really annoying。” Woman complained。 “Baby,You wait a while,I answered the phone first。” The phone in Ling Mofeng’s bedroom,Only his son Ling Mofeng and his most powerful helpers know,He made strict rules for them;There is nothing urgent,Don’t call the phone in his bedroom。 but now,The phone in the bedroom rang! “Did something happen??Accidentally

Murong Shan put forward one extra request;She hopes to enclose the open space in the middle of the six villas she bought,I also spent money and bought it!

“You are going to?” Huang Wenjie asked confusedly…… “Oh,Is such that,The people living in these six villas,Including a complete female special force,They need a space for their usual military training。” Murong Shan answered seriously,In fact, she felt that her request was a bit excessive……How can anyone buy a house and buy the land around the

“I taught myself,Not capable,But carelessness can still help people easily。”

Chen Hao answered a little embarrassed。 “I think you seem to be very professional。” Yanzi was still surprised。 “Professional,Don’t praise me,Ha ha。” Chen Hao was talking to Yanzi,I’m not idle,Continue to take turns to massage Song Min。 The swallows look more surprised,I look more admired,This dragon mixed elite female warrior who once crossed the world

“The great leader Grandpa Mao said:Excessive humility is pride!”

Shen Ruoxue started to interrupt again。 “Did Grandpa Mao say this??I do not know how?” Qin Liang smiled and asked Shen Ruoxue。 “Grandpa Mao said a lot,You can’t know every sentence, right?I know this sentence but you don’t,It’s nothing strange, is it??” Shen Ruoxue answered confidently。 “Yep……These few words still make sense,Ok,I agree with what

“Why is this girl the same as Xiaoxue now?I have to strip my sister’s clothes off!What kind of hobby is this?”

Shen Ruoxi started to change the subject,By the way, I hit Yang Shiyun back。 “Looks like she’s really going to find a boyfriend for her,Otherwise it will continue to consume,Her sexual orientation will change。” Murong Shan immediately cooperated with Shen Ruoxi and teased Yang Shiyun.,She and Shen Ruoxi half a minute ago“hit”Can’t make a deal,This

Peng Changyi immediately understood what Ren Xiaoliang said“secretary”Who is it。Yajuan was transferred from Nanling,Zhong Mingyi’s fellow,No wonder Ren Xiaoliang is so enthusiastic,Not only do it yourself,Ask Yajuan to be the host of the golf opening ceremony,And sent someone to register for her,From Ren Xiaoliang’s attitude to please Yajuan,Peng Changyi knew that Yajuan must be transferred through Zhong Mingyi’s relationship。

For Yajuan,New arrival,In such a large event,Publicly gorgeous appearance Kangzhou,It’s an undesirable good thing,and so,Let her go to the countryside,Witness the hard work of the grassroots cadres,Tell Zhong Mingyi through her mouth,It’s also a way for Ren Xiaoliang to please the leader。Ha ha。 Thought of here,Peng Changyi smiled inwardly,Took the lead downstairs。The driver Gu hurried

After Yajuan and Feng Ran respected the leaders,The banquet is over,After all, all the words of farewell and thanks,The formal banquet at noon has already been said,So this meal is over soon。

Several small cars run by the municipal party committee have parked at the door long ago,Fan Weidong is greeting Dang Wei to get on the bus,They are the last night in Kangzhou,Tomorrow morning,Kangzhou’s car will send them back to Beijing,The bald secretary also drove back to Jin’an overnight。After sending away the guests,Zhong Mingyi shook hands

But the old lady’s eyes flashed fiercely,Rough palm,Sweaty chest,The pain of suffocation,Holding her sister’s arm tightly,And sudden helplessness and fear,I’ve grown so deeply in my wild heart,Mind,And memories。Let him have claustrophobia,There are also several obstacles and symptoms。

So Bao Bao always thought,Little brother is a strong and brave person,From the shadow of childhood,Got rid of so much pain and suffering,Grows like this,mature,Can speak well,Radiant beauty boy。 This time,Let Ou Zhaozhao let go,Revenge without mercy,The Wai family was directly blasted out of Da Ou’s sphere of influence by her,I haven’t been able to

The location of the attacker has been locked,The dark-skinned exotic youth,Hiding in a pine tree fifty meters away,Aim at them with a rather sophisticated hidden weapon。

There are six people here this time,The dead leader is a powerful man in the late acquired period,If you hadn’t despised your opponent too much just now,Will never die so easily。 Among the remaining five pursuers,There are also three martial artists。 Except for the person who fell on the ground,Including men with left arm injuries,All

Wang Jiadong says:“Changyi,Xiaoshu is tired today,Xiaoqiang is his own,His driver is also his own,He sent me the same as you sent me,Don’t worry。”

Peng Changyi thought for a while,Say:“Well,You always get in the car before I go。” Peng Changyi and Gu Zhuo helped Wang Jiadong into the car together,Then Gu Zhuo also sat in。Chu Xiaoqiang said to the two plainclothes standing not far away:“You guys go eat,I have arranged it for you,Go back to the game after eating。”