quickly,There was an excited voice from my father:“Han han——is it you……”

Dad only said so,I just choked and couldn’t talk anymore。 Xia Jihan,Why can’t I feel my father’s affection,She couldn’t cry,Said for a long time:“Yes,Yes,father,Sorry……Sorry……”She covered her mouth,Don’t let my sobs be heard by my father。 “child……”Obviously,Dad wants to say but can’t tell。 “father,Sorry,Daughter is not filial……Deceived you,Smeared your face。Forgive daughter,My daughter can’t let this child……”She

Xiao Huahan immediately answered honestly,no way,These sister-in-laws are much better than Qin Liang,If it gets entangled by them,It’s deadly!So he decided to give in。

“Brother-in-law,A word!No shame,I miss you too!Hey Hey……” On the phone,Liu Xiaoyun smiled triumphantly。 “……” Xiao Huahan couldn’t laugh at all。 “Hahahaha……” Liang Feng is standing beside Xiao Huahan,So what Liu Xiaoyun said on the phone he heard clearly,Seeing Xiao Huahan look like he was unlovable,He couldn’t help but laugh。 “You laugh!” Xiao Huahan hung up

Luna asked again。

“Identify the intention of the other party first,Then tactfully stop,Warning after,You can show your identity when you warn!After the warning is invalid, the lowest level of force can be used to stop,Be careful not to hurt people,After all, Chen Hao and the others are here for the meeting,Not here to fight。” Qin Liang carefully explained

“Just be happy,Look,I didn’t lie to you。” Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly struck while the iron was hot。 “But I still want to hold you and talk to you……” Unexpectedly, Qin Liang said again immediately,But this time he just moved,But didn’t do it。 “Wait for a chance,I’ll let you hold enough。” Liu Xiaoyun can only comfort Qin

Shen Ruoxi also helped herself“Second sister”Spoke up……

After everyone looked at each other,Sure enough, they nodded one after another。 “Sorry,I’m not at home this time,do not know anything,So I won’t comment for now。” Qin Liang smiled and made a difference。 “Xiaoyun,You won’t be like Yuer,Are you worried??” Murong Shan asked half jokingly and half seriously。 “How could i be worried?I will say


The press conference is over,Then there will be a fan meeting。 But before that,The three new players returned to the lounge,Take a short rest。 at this time,Except for the three of them in the room,No one else。 Till then,Qin Lin just smiled and said to Hu Lai:“I found a good excuse at the press conference

Jiang Fan knows what she wants to say,And interrupted her flatly,Speak firmly:“We can have children at any time!”Talking,He lowered his head,Kissed her affectionately……

This is destined to be a warm and loving journey。 Trust everyone,Will have such an experience,No matter how much two people love each other,When passing the parent,I was also uneasy,Over and under。This is Ding Yi at this time。 Jiang Fan is very well prepared,Beyond her imagination,Not only did she prepare a gift to meet her

Shen Fang got up on her bones,Get out of bed,Turned on the headlights of the room,Walk to the bedroom mirror,Open hair,Twisted,really,I saw something similar to a birthmark on my pale skin,Her face turned red immediately,Turned to look at Peng Changyi。

Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Sideways,Head punch,Pretending to be asleep。 Shen Fang muttered to herself,Said:“Maybe it was rubbing during the bath just now?” She turned off the headlights in the room,Went to bed carefully,Lying gently beside her husband,Watching her husband close his eyes,long time,Closed my eyes…… Peng Changyi is thinking about Jiang Fan,Got up early,Because he

“Yes,Ruoxi mine and I are the most useless at home now,I can’t protect myself,Even if I was bullied,There is no way,Ugh……”

Murong Shan said pitifully,A look of resentment。 “This is simple,What you two want to learn,I can teach you hands-on,If you don’t want to learn,There are so many masters from us,Nothing will happen to you two,and so……Murong Shan,Who are you showing you so poor??” Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading