Qin Liang explained awkwardly again。

“Aunt Xiaoyun found it。” Murong Xiaoyao didn’t know when he got here,Interrupted。 “Oh,How did Xiaoyun discover it?” Yang Shiyun asked casually,So Murong Xiaoyao gave Qin Liang the whole story in detail.,Yang Shiyun and Meizi described it again,It’s really hard for her to remember so clearly,Even Liu Xiaoyun remembered exactly what she said to Shen Ruoxue。

“Ok,That’s good,Let’s just ignore the rest。”

The general nonchalant answer。 “Ok,Qin Liang and Hua Yinyan both know Xiaojie’s true identity,So they will take care of Xiaojie。” The secretary said in a relieved expression。 “Take care of?Not needed,My granddaughter still needs care?” The general frowned and asked。 He was right,Zheng Jie, who has been loved and grown up since childhood, is as

Peng Changyi smiled,I thought this might be the officialdom ecology at the township level,Far from being as quiet as the county level,Many people do not hide their political leanings,Likes and dislikes are in the light。

When Peng Changyi was still studying in the party school,Yao Bin heard that he was going to work in Beicheng,Just told him:“In the township,You will find,There are many things you don’t need to worry about,All in the clear,Who is related to whom is clear at a glance。 but,If you just believe in bright things,Sometimes I

Shen Fang’s mother said:“I have been calling Xiaofang this afternoon,Phone off,Make a call to work,The unit said she was not there,Call home again,The phone at home won’t answer for a long time,So don’t worry,Just come and see。”She said to her daughter again:“Why didn’t you not go to work this afternoon?”

Shen Fang’s tears flowed out:“What class am i in,The director of the office was rubbed by others,Just let me take care of the discipline inspection and supervision,Drink tea and read the newspaper every day。” “You are a girl,I still want to go to work and take care of something big?”Mother said。 Shen Fang muttered:“I didn’t