Jiang Fan glanced at her weak appearance,There was an impulse,Aimed at a parking strip ahead,Gallop past,Then a sudden brake,The car stopped at the emergency parking place,Flame out,Pull handbrake,Unfastened his seat belt,Just twisted around……

Ding Yi hasn’t figured out why he stopped suddenly,Fell into Jiang Fan’s broad embrace,Simultaneously,His own lips were quickly covered by his…… She couldn’t help but scream,She was deeply kissed…… long time,Jiang Fan only raised his head,Red eyes,Look at her deeply,Said:“baby,You make me feel bad……” A mist soon filled Ding Yi’s eyes,She smiled at him,Said:“You make

Ye Tong is talking with a deputy director of the Development and Reform Commission.,She took the initiative to greet them after seeing Vice Governor Huang and them coming。

No matter how Ye Tong dresses up,She will reveal her nature as long as she speaks:“Still talking,After you brought me,Just throw me aside and ignore me,I have to go around by myself,Participated in several chambers of commerce,Then came here。” “Ha ha,That’s because I am neglecting you, a returnee,how,You participated in the afternoon business invitation activity,Do

Qin Liang surrendered,Changed to another girl,He is confident enough to deal with,But Liu Rushi suddenly came up with such a work,He really couldn’t adapt!

“Yep……You are taking me to a big meal tonight。” Liu Rushi thought about it seriously。 “OK,no problem,I’ll take you to eat whatever you want。” Qin Liang laughed immediately,Such a requirement without difficulty,Too easy to satisfy。 “And there is!You have to buy me snacks。” Liu Rushi continues to add,Actually she said so much,There is only one

“in my heart,My daughter has always been my pride,Always!Without her,I can’t live long ago,It’s just that her father and I have never been worthy of being her parents。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s mother suddenly said happily,It seems that the sadness and pain just now,Compared with her daughter,It’s nothing。 “mom……” Liu Xiaoyun won’t work in an instant……Two lines of tears rolled down her face in an instant。 “Ugh……” Everyone in the room couldn’t help but sighed。 “Let’s go out for a meal,Today is your family reunion

“You should ask your brother-in-law for advice first.。”

After a while,Yang Shiyun spoke。 “correct,Where did Qin Liang go??at this time,He should discuss this with us。” Chen Hao’s tangled question。 “do not know,I just focused on Xiaoxue,Didn’t pay attention to other things at all。” Shen Ruoxi shook her head and replied。 “You give him a call,Call him over,Taking advantage of Xiaoxue’s absence,So we can

“When dating and flattering leaders,Shouldn’t be disturbed by a third party!”

“Hahaha。”I guess Peng Changyi on the phone,He must be laughing proudly。 Wu Guanqi into the microphone,Word by word、Said harshly:“gloat,Roller wheel pockets!”Talking,Hung up,And shut down。 Yi Nan saw him shut down,Just said:“What is a potter’s wheel pocket??” Wu Guanqi looked at her,Said:“Allegorical Words from Hometown,Wheel Handle,Shouldn’t you see it here。” Yin Nan nodded and said:“I have

Zhao Feng didn’t go with Kang Bin,He sit down,Watching Peng Changyi say:“Go to Jinan today,Is it because of the Earth Temple??”

Peng Changyi nodded。 Zhao Feng said:“In the afternoon, Lao Qi and I visited Old Man Gao again,And talked to him for a long time,Explain to him that it’s not good for the secretary,Is looking for the secretary,He figured it out,Indicates that there is no longer a request to restore the tablet position,and,When I learned that

“Don’t just thank me,Why should you thank me? You know in your heart。”

Qin Liang said,Then I looked at Yang Shiyun…… “……” Yang Shiyun blushed,She can actually refute Qin Liang,Can also act like a baby with him,But she is really embarrassed to say it,After all, there is Song Min lying next to him,Although Song Min is asleep,,Can’t hear others。 “How did I find that you blush more and

“and so;We can’t be naive to think that Qin Liang is really just a carefree,Hanger,We should always care about him。”

Murong Shan said seriously。 “Yep。” This time, Shen Ruoxi nodded and agreed.。 “All right,Let’s not talk about these heavy things,We still prepare psychologically,Maybe Du Shanshan’s baby will be born soon.,Ha ha。” Murong Shan reached out and hugged Shen Ruoxi and said。 “Guess it is a boy or a girl?” Shen Ruoxi asked curiously。 “I really

“What happened to her as a police officer?I am also a policeman,Xiaoyun is also a policeman,Qiao’er and Xin’er are also police,cut。”

Shen Ruoxue replied nonchalantly。 Although everyone knows that she is playing with plums on purpose again,But her joke is a bit too much,Because of her“Tangled”,Make Meizi really embarrassed and unable to come to Taiwan。 So Meizi stopped talking……Not only stopped talking,The eyes are still red,This girl was entangled and cried by Shen Ruoxue! “Koyuki,You are