“Wakayu,what happened?”

Qin Liang answered the phone。 “Uh……Qin Liang,You go buy two sets of clothes for me and Ruoxue now。” Shen Ruoxi’s helpless voice came from the phone。 “buying clothes?Where are your clothes?” Qin Liang is a little curious,Don’t they both have clothes?! “Ugh,Don’t mention it,I blame Xiaoxue for always having trouble with me,I accidentally dropped our

Qin Liang deliberately joked with Li Qiaoer,Talk and laugh like this,Shen Ruoxue will be well soon。

“what?that……that……” Li Qiaoer finally mustered up the courage to stand up for her second sister once,But in an instant, Qin Liang was scared of courage! “What then what?It was so happy decision,I will bully you。” Qin Liang’s tone is firm,There is no room for maneuver。 “……”Li Qiao’er dare not speak anymore,My little face flushed red,Is

Yanzi deliberately exaggerated and asked again。

“of course,Sister Yanzi is here,Who dares to subdue us?Want to subdue us,First, I have to ask if Sister Yanzi’s double-swords agree or not。” Shen Ruoxue’s naughty answer,This is just great,She pulled the swallow directly into the water! “Why is there something about me?!It’s you two,What does it have to do with me!” Yanzi said embarrassingly。In

Peng Changyi,I drooped my head,Said,“Pathetic。”

Kou Jinghai who was sitting in the middle said:“What pitiful?You have the right to deal when you get to my position。” Brothers usually drink together,No ranking by official title,But the location is determined by age。This saves you from letting go because of the seating problem,Whoever is older will sit in the middle,Whoever is younger is


As long as you drill out of the woods, it’s an official road,It only takes a few minutes to follow the official road to Dali City,Du Jueming is thinking don’t make any accidents,Let him finish a task with peace of mind,Suddenly heard a few curses,Look up. Two old women led several strong men towards the

This time Fluttershy is not willful anymore,Instead, he immediately lay down on Qin Liang’s back without moving.。

Qin Liang was secretly happy……And then deliberately re-thinking about Xiaodie,Seems to be carrying her back,Actually deliberate。Let Fluttershy’s soft body rub against her body more……Hehe~~ Not far behind,Fluttershy’s bodyguard in the crowd, Ad and them,Silently watching the lady show affection with that man。 “What if I was the one carrying the young lady now……” Ade thought

Qin Liang please ask。

“The few of us just said yes;Dinner tonight,A few of us don’t eat,We are going to sleep,Don’t even take a bath。” Shen Ruoxi replied truthfully。 “do not!No matter how tired you are, you have to eat!And after taking a hot bath,You will sleep well,Hold on,Your bath time,I will prepare the meal for you,How about I

His upper body did not force balance in the air,But back down,Is falling under the influence of gravity,Inevitably fall。

But just when his body is about to crash like a plane that loses power,But one leg was thrown up!As if about to fall into the sea,Dropped an aerial bomb on the deck of the intended target…… That is his left leg! Li Qingqing’s teeth let go of his bitten white lips,Unknowingly, his mouth opened,and……Bigger

“My treasure is too kind,Good people being bullied,We have to work hard to protect her。Bai Ling’s smartness is really not a good thing,But I also learned a lot。No harm,Defenses can not do without,If you catch a bad guy, you’ll be cruel,You must protect your relatives。I asked Big Brother,Brother just wants to completely separate from the past,Not even a pianist,What can’t you give up?Brother can do this for the sake of his treasure,I can too。”

This is Huaiye。 “.”The co-author is just her mother,Brought into the ditch by a relative,Lie flat,Can’t climb up yet。The sons climbed up early. Last four total,Just don’t,Just look at Si Shoujing and Bai Ling,After going back,How are you doing。Ou Zhaozhao is staring at me。 Who knows,Waited for a long time,Said they were all locked up,Si

“No way,I’ll go as well……”

“To shut up!”Jiang Fan said fiercely。 He can’t let Ding Yi struggle,Picked up Ding Yi and walked out of the bedroom,Walk into the bathroom,Put her in the surf bathtub,The water level just passed her,He straightened up,Said:“it’s here,Wait for me honestly!”He gave her a hard look,Turn around。 Ding Yi is in a hurry,Said:“No way,Jiang Fan,You can’t