Qin Liang finished saying this,Stretched out two hands and hugged Shen Ruoxi。

“Do not……Qin Liang,I’m wrong,I know wrong,I shouldn’t wrong you……” Seeing Qin Liang is coming,Shen Ruoxi panicked,Immediately subdued。 “No way,I have to kiss and touch what I said today。” Shen Ruoxi’s soft words begging for peace“Vulnerable”Struggling,It inspired Qin Liang’s courage,He grabbed Shen Ruoxi’s coat with both hands and moved it to the side,Took off her coat。

Qin Liang struggled for a moment,Had no choice but to say。

“This chocolate-flavored ice cream is so delicious!Really want to eat one more,Ugh!” Yang Shiyun started to change the subject。 “Then eat one more,It’s not easy?” Qin Liang answered casually。 “No way!You will gain weight if you eat too much!” Yang Shiyun said reluctantly。“Pull it down!I really don’t believe it!Ate two ice creams,You can grow 20

Liu Xiaoyun said modestly。

“By coincidence?Then your chances are too high, right??You have guessed every step of Pi Monkey?You can buy lottery tickets with this probability!” Meizi joked。 “I have never bought a lottery ticket,Because i’m stingy,Reluctant to spend those two dollars,Haha……” Liu Xiaoyun’s self-ridicule。 “I have bought many times,But only won five yuan。” Meizi said frustratedly。 “Then you

The swallow asked on a whim……

“I have a hasty!What are you talking nonsense?I actually thought about many possibilities,But I didn’t think about the possibility you just mentioned。” Qin Liang said decisively。 “Have you ever thought about……We two will meet again one day?” Swallow asked again。 “If I said I have always thought about it,Do you believe?” Qin Liang answered without

“Do not……No way!”

Song Junming’s face changed now!After all, the man in black is much scarier than Yang Shiyun!If it’s like Liu Jian said,Those in black are also looking for“Skin monkey”if,Then this thing is terrible! “I think it’s possible!They took such a big risk to go to the hospital and attack the police,I almost cut Ryoko again,Isn’t it

Stylists are also one of the most commonly used in Oujia,Often tossed by Ou Zhaozhao,but,The little princess has always been kind and kind,As long as it fits her aesthetics,She is not picky about how she wears it。Today is the first time the little princess made a request,however,Even more exotic than her mother’s。

after all,Ms. Ou Zhaozhao is the one who asked to wear colorful purple。 As for this sister,Very cute sister. The father of Ou has always loved the little princess the most,Even if the little princess dresses like a brother,He can probably blow with his eyes closed。 Stylist thought for a while,Hug the tablet directly and