“Don’t just thank me,Why should you thank me? You know in your heart。”

Qin Liang said,Then I looked at Yang Shiyun……
Yang Shiyun blushed,She can actually refute Qin Liang,Can also act like a baby with him,But she is really embarrassed to say it,After all, there is Song Min lying next to him,Although Song Min is asleep,,Can’t hear others。
“How did I find that you blush more and more?”
Qin Liang didn’t know if he was really curious,Still deliberately pretending to be a fool。
“I want you to?Really is……”
Yang Shiyun is even shy now。
“Good good,I do not care,But to be honest,Your blushing looks so beautiful。”
Qin Liang whispered。
“OK OK,Stop playing,Sister Ruoxi will be here in a while。”
There is something in Yang Shiyun’s words to remind Qin Liang。
Qin Liang nodded awkwardly and agreed,Every time Yang Shiyun talks about Shen Ruoxi,He can’t answer……
Shen Ruoxi didn’t arrive so early,She arrived at about noon,And came with her,And Chen Hao。
Qin Liang was surprised,Also a little embarrassing,He didn’t expect to meet Chen Hao under such circumstances。