How to lose weight in the office


How to lose weight in the office

Always suffocating yourself without time to lose weight?

In fact, exercise weight loss does not have to take time alone, do not need special sportswear, all that is needed is the determination to act!

One, 2 minutes 脳 5 per minute.

3kcal = 10.

6kcal time: When making a call: Location of the office desk: Lifting the leg effect: Lifting the leg can prevent the legs from swelling.

Let you have beautiful legs.

Sit in a chair, lift one leg and straighten.

Stand up on your toes and apply pressure for 10 seconds.

Then change the other leg.

Then straighten your legs and slowly put them on the ground and pull your toes.

Two, 2 minutes 脳 3 per minute.

5kcal = 7kcal time: location when copying or scanning: front of the copier: top and bottom movement effect: This action can train the calf and the muscles of the face bone to prevent the legs from swelling.

When copying something or standing up for work, the toes of one foot move up and down for 30 seconds.

Then change the other foot.

This is a physical training for the calf muscles.

Three, one time 2 minutes 脳 6 sets 脳 2 per minute.

2kcal = 26.

4kcal time: Working time in front of the computer Location: Up front action: Wrapping the waist effect: This action can alleviate the muscle stiffness caused by working in front of the computer and make the waist more slender.

Fourth, consume 3 per minute.

5kcal time: Waiting for the computer to boot up. Location: Before the action: Make a fist and then open the effect: This action helps to relieve the stiff alignment and the palm of the hand is facing up, can be tilted forward, clenched the fist and then open, repeating once.

Firmly clench your fists. When you open it, your fingers should be placed to extend and straighten.

Five, 20 times 脳 consume 0 each time.

88kcal = 17.

6kcal time: sitting or most of the time: office chair or toilet toilet action: space chair posture effect: this action can exercise the lower body muscles to make the space chair posture, the body should not lean forward, keep it upright, waist lifted.

The point is to make the most of the muscles around the thighs and stomach.

Stretch one foot forward and fix your body.

Always try to maintain this position whether you are sitting in a chair or in a bathroom.

Six, accelerate the small movements of weight loss.

1, fasting after 6 pm.

If you want to have a beautiful body, you should start with a regular life.

To finish dinner before 6 pm, you can lose 2kg in just 3 days.

2, eat only 70% full.

Mainly vegetables, reducing the intake of carbohydrates and sugar.

You can’t eat too much when you eat.

Eat and eat 70% full can prevent blood sugar from rising, forming a body that is not easy to gain weight.

3. Don’t eat while watching TV.

University of Massachusetts research shows that if you don’t watch TV while eating, you can reduce it by about 300kcal per day.

4, weight loss boots can burn 濮?Replace the sneakers with weight-loss booties. When walking, the muscles around the buttocks will be forced, and the boots will achieve the effect of reducing the buttocks.

5, tight underwear can correct the body.

Tighten the lower body to make the figure look slimmer and the posture will be more beautiful.

At the same time, because it can squeeze the excess meat, it also allows us to eat enough.

6, when buying things in the supermarket, use the basket.

The static electricity consumed by the basket is 1 in the shopping cart.

8 times.

And achieve the effect of reducing the hip.