Advantages of TCM Acupuncture and Weight Loss


Advantages of TCM Acupuncture and Weight Loss

What are the advantages of TCM acupuncture to lose weight?

Weight loss recipients who accept or acupuncture to lose weight must be very curious.

The advantage of Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss has three highest flashes.

Let’s take a look at the three advantages.

銆€銆€Acupuncture weight loss therapy is mainly based on acupuncture, supplemented by massage, pulse electromagnetic wave, biological vector wave, organic combination of medicine jar and syndrome differentiation, without active diet, but will suppress appetite, not to lose weight, so it does not hurt the stomach,There is no abnormality, both slimming and healthy.

銆€銆€Advantage 1: slimming and healthy.

銆€銆€At the same time of acupuncture to lose weight, the use of biological vector waves and a variety of physical factors synergistic effect, effectively promote breast movement, so that the sagging breasts are fully exercised, blood circulation increases, the tiny surrounding meridians are dredge, making the waist and abdomen super lightMove to the top to make the dark color strong and elastic.

Can achieve the effect of losing weight and breast enhancement.

銆€銆€Advantage 2: Accessibility, adapt to a wide range of people.

銆€銆€Ineffective for long-term weight loss, drug weight loss failure, dieting hungry, surgery is afraid of pain, exercise weight loss, tired people, can achieve weight loss through acupuncture weight loss therapy, because the body has no side effects, the therapy is currently called the most effective by patientsA healthy way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Advantage 3: No need to actively diet, not rebound.

銆€銆€The principle of acupuncture weight loss therapy is: acupuncture treatment of the corresponding acupoints, dredge the meridians, mediate endocrine and body balance, through conditioning, from the inside out, both the symptoms and root causes.

銆€銆€Treatment of obesity caused by endocrine disorders, simple hyperactivity, etc., can be quickly and temporarily redundant, tighten the skin, not loose, lose weight without wrinkles, and never affect the health of the body, a course of treatment can be reduced by 5-20 kg, and will not rebound.
銆€銆€Tips: The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss and physical fitness highlight its healthy weight loss concept, and no taking no diet does not rebound the performance of the weight loss method, which is why the acupuncture weight loss is so popular.