“Ok,That’s good,Let’s just ignore the rest。”

The general nonchalant answer。
“Ok,Qin Liang and Hua Yinyan both know Xiaojie’s true identity,So they will take care of Xiaojie。”
The secretary said in a relieved expression。
“Take care of?Not needed,My granddaughter still needs care?”
The general frowned and asked。
He was right,Zheng Jie, who has been loved and grown up since childhood, is as savage and willful as Shen Ruoxue,But as a child of a military family,She can still bear hardships and stand hard work,And rarely complain,This is also very similar to Liu Xiaoyun。
“Right,Xiaojie how
May need care,Ha ha。”
The secretary answered with a wry smile。
“I really hope she can suffer a bit,It’s good for her,Because she lives so easy and comfortable,What she lacks is hardship!”
The general said expectantly。
“But this time your expectations may be difficult to achieve,When Qin Liang Hua Yin Yanming knew Xiao Jie’s identity,Xiaojie shouldn’t have any bitterness。”
The secretary answered bluntly。
“Ugh,That’s just not what I expected,But I have to admit that you are right,This is more than half of the results。”