But the old lady’s eyes flashed fiercely,Rough palm,Sweaty chest,The pain of suffocation,Holding her sister’s arm tightly,And sudden helplessness and fear,I’ve grown so deeply in my wild heart,Mind,And memories。Let him have claustrophobia,There are also several obstacles and symptoms。

So Bao Bao always thought,Little brother is a strong and brave person,From the shadow of childhood,Got rid of so much pain and suffering,Grows like this,mature,Can speak well,Radiant beauty boy。
This time,Let Ou Zhaozhao let go,Revenge without mercy,The Wai family was directly blasted out of Da Ou’s sphere of influence by her,I haven’t been able to show up so far。Huaiyong and his wife and daughter,Be packaged and sent abroad,Fend for themselves。
Undeniable,Huaiyong is indeed in literature,Still have some ability,Less than two years,Mixed into the middle class abroad。In addition, he kept beating for money,Life is actually better than in China。I just don’t know the pregnant family,What is your attitude towards him now?.
“.Since you took the initiative to speak,I just want to discuss with you。Huaiyong found someone to steal you back then,Let Huaijia fall apart,Save their lives,Long ago live up to the scenery。Maybe they hate us,But i want,Among them,Some people with a little clearer mind,Or,Those who have long had deep opinions on Huaiyong,Must hate me more。”
Baby Ou said directly,“I suspect that Huaiyong came to you this time,Yang Xiaomu,It’s the people who are making trouble for our family who are behind the scenes。But we can’t directly engage with him right now,Then,And there is no way to treat Huaiyong,because,Probably,Yang Xiaomu still has a back hand waiting。therefore,I think,is not it,You can come forward to those who bear resentment,Let them toss with Huaiyong。We just wait for a result。”
“If there is no Yang Xiaomu’s handwriting behind this incident,Then best。Huaiyong’s temperament,We all understand,Easy to deal with。Let the Huai family go and pinch him,Also very convenient。If Yang Xiaomu is there,Then we can just be pregnant,Be prepared.”
Baby Ou looks at Huaiye,“No matter that situation,It will only make our relationship with Huaiyong worse,Very bad。and so,I hope to hear your opinion.”
Huai Ye nodded first,“I have no objection,It’s so good!!Should have been like this long ago!!He accidentally accidentally caused Huaiyong,let him.”
Bao Bao picked up a piece of fried chicken,Blocked Huaiye’s mouth,“it is good,You agree。”Don’t say anything else。
Huai Ye ate fried chicken nuggets,I really hate Yang Xiaomu in my heart,What a brute thing,When you go to Huaiyong, you think you can make your relatives helpless?
This morning,Si Guangnian specifically talked to Huaiye for a while,Just go to work。
The brothers targeted Yang Xiaomu,And his various behaviors,Chatted。
Reality got a shot at O’Ou,then,I went to Mingle City again to get close to Si Guangnian,This incidates that,This Yang Xiaomu,Is the ugliest male psychology——Hero saves beauty。Like women to cling to him to survive。
He’s sure to stare at his relative。Qin Bao is a good girl who can satisfy all men’s fantasy。Yang Xiaomu is an arrogant extreme male chauvinism。
Qinbao’s appearance,ability,Social status,Family history,Can make a arrogant person like Yang Xiaomu,Get great satisfaction in vanity。
And now,Qinbao said that Yang Xiaomu might be supporting Huaiyong behind the scenes,Make Huaiye more sure,Yang Xiaomu wants to destroy Daou,Get rid of big brother and him,Plus the brother who has been sent abroad,What is going to happen,My treasure is really a lonely one。
This is definitely the development and result that Yang Xiaomu wants to see,Is his vicious plan!!!