Murong Shan put forward one extra request;She hopes to enclose the open space in the middle of the six villas she bought,I also spent money and bought it!

“You are going to?”
Huang Wenjie asked confusedly……
“Oh,Is such that,The people living in these six villas,Including a complete female special force,They need a space for their usual military training。”
Murong Shan answered seriously,In fact, she felt that her request was a bit excessive……How can anyone buy a house and buy the land around the house??So that’s why she came to handle the matter in person today。“I fully understand the reason you said……How about this,Your six villas and the open space in between,It’s all yours,No need to buy,I let you use it for free,It can be outside of your six villas,Set up a circle of railings or something
……Set up a few more warning signs,Such as military powerhouse,No entry or something。”
“But we have to sign an agreed contract,This land can be used by you for free,But the ownership of this land still has to be ours,Ha ha ha ha……”
Huang Wenjie not only readily agreed to this matter,And also enthusiastically helped Murong Shan come up with ideas……Seems to be because of being a soldier,So for Murongshan’s“Unreasonable request”Also tolerant,Accommodate。
“I didn’t expect you to be so reasonable!How about this,We can make friends in the future,If you have something to help,As long as it’s not illegal,Bad things,Within my abilities,I can help you。”
Murong Shan said with a smile,She never wants to take advantage of anyone,Especially when it comes to money,Material interests,And this is precisely the important reason for her super good reputation in the entertainment circle!
“Can be your friend of Murongshan,That’s a great honor for me,Can’t ask for it!Can’t ask for it!”
Huang Wenjie looks so happy……Not everyone is so lucky,Can be Murongshan’s friend,Huang Wenjie is just a rich real estate developer in Haishang City,Under normal circumstances,It’s impossible for him to climb high enough to be Murongshan’s friend。
His six villas are selling well,Not only made money,And got an unexpected return,Value returns that are lower than the probability of 5 million!
“You don’t have to be so polite,You helped me first,I should thank you first。”
Murong Shan’s words are not polite this time,She really put this developer as a friend,Since I said I can be friends with him,That Murongshan would naturally not lie to him。“How about this,Since we are all friends,Let me make a treat at noon today,to be frank,If I didn’t know you,I really don’t have the guts to invite you to dinner,Really can’t afford it,Ha ha……”
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