Zhao Feng didn’t go with Kang Bin,He sit down,Watching Peng Changyi say:“Go to Jinan today,Is it because of the Earth Temple??”

Peng Changyi nodded。
Zhao Feng said:“In the afternoon, Lao Qi and I visited Old Man Gao again,And talked to him for a long time,Explain to him that it’s not good for the secretary,Is looking for the secretary,He figured it out,Indicates that there is no longer a request to restore the tablet position,and,When I learned that I might cause you trouble,I shed tears of sadness,His wife kept scolding him for being ignorant。He is very guilty,He burned incense and kowtow to the Bodhisattva at his house,Ask the bodhisattva to bless you。”
Peng Changyi took a sip of reed water,Said laboriously:“Unspoken。”
Zhao Feng nodded。
Old Gu came in now,He carried a thin bowl of millet and mung bean porridge on the bedside table,There are two sugar triangles。A small bag of mustard。
Zhao Feng said:“Nothing else,I go back too,Always listen to us。”
Peng Changyi nodded,Thumbs up and pinky,And gestured on the ear,Means to call。
Zhao Feng nodded and left。
after get off work,Qi Changshun is here,He arranged for Peng Changyi’s hospitalization and daily life and other minor matters before leaving.。Peng Changyi was dissatisfied with the fact that he was engaged in a veteran ward and an elevator.。Although it is nominally a veteran ward,But fools know,How many real retired veteran cadres can live in?It’s worse than Wu Youfu’s period,So I didn’t look at him straight。He is going to take time to talk with Qi Xiang。
Peng Changyi did not return to the sea after the base,He was admitted to the hospital,at night,Was woken up by a phone call。
After he touched the phone,Press the answer button,Coughed twice,Count as a response。
Just listen to Jiang Fan saying inside:“Changyi,have you slept?”
At this moment,The little nurse heard the sound and walked in,Turn on the room light switch,Reached out to Peng Changyi。Means to answer the phone for him。
Peng Changyi glanced at her,And handed her the phone safely,Just listen to Jiang Fan:“Changyi,Are you listening?Are you already asleep?”
“Hello,I’m Secretary Peng’s nurse,He is sick,Hoarse,Speechless,If you have something,Please tell him,He can only listen,Can’t speak。”The little nurse is very articulate。
“Oh,You are a nurse,When was he sick?What disease?”Jiang Fan said eagerly。