Liu Xiaoyun said modestly。

“By coincidence?Then your chances are too high, right??You have guessed every step of Pi Monkey?You can buy lottery tickets with this probability!”
Meizi joked。
“I have never bought a lottery ticket,Because i’m stingy,Reluctant to spend those two dollars,Haha……”
Liu Xiaoyun’s self-ridicule。
“I have bought many times,But only won five yuan。”
Meizi said frustratedly。
“Then you are still not satisfied?Two dollars can get five dollars,Buy it slowly and continuously,You will become a rich little woman sooner or later。”
Liu Xiaoyun said cheerfully。
“Pull it down!I bought two yuan many times,To win five yuan at a time!I’m losing a lot!”
Meizi explained immediately。
“Hahahaha……Oh I see!Then you have to be careful,Don’t pay for it, pay for yourself!It’s not worth the loss!”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled so happy!
“How do I feel you are gloating?”
Meizi’s tangled question。