What is the best way to do this?


What is the best way to do this?

Introduction: There are many people who are prone to cause dull and sickness when they get angry or catch a cold. What good deaf and dumb treatment?

Chinese medicine tips, what should I do?

The following is best!

銆€銆€Eating throat lozenges, lozenges and sputum creams, and curing the symptoms can only shorten the temporary relief, but will delay and cover up the real problems, making the vocal cords more injured.

銆€銆€The easiest and most effective way to deal with scorpions is to add a lot of water.

Experts suggest that drinking water can lubricate the vocal cords, reduce symptoms such as sore throat and dryness, especially in winter, easy to throat discomfort, and should drink plenty of water.

銆€銆€Drinking water to cure scorpion dry dumb method boiled water is the best choice, warm boiled water, cold boiled water can be.

Drinking some sports drinks, amino acid drinks are counterproductive, because the addition of added sugar is not good for the throat.

The way to drink water is to drink water or swallow. It is best to keep the water in your mouth so that it can fully moisturize the throat and then slowly swallow it.

Do not drink too much, so it is easy to bring in the air, causing snoring and bloating.

The time to drink water is best in the morning. After excessive use, the water should be replenished in time.

銆€銆€While hydrating, it is more important to retain moisture. Drinks such as strong tea and coffee can cause water to be released after drinking, which leads to water loss. Therefore, it is better to drink less.

銆€銆€While drinking plenty of water, you should also pay attention to it on a daily basis: people who are dumb and dumb should eat less spicy foods, mainly light; avoid drinking, do not smoke; do not overuse, do not scream or high in noisy areasSpeaking, if you feel that your voice is dry or hoarse, stop speaking for a while; the voice of the speech should be normal, not too high or too low, and the low voice is not good for protecting the voice; not too muchCough and clear the scorpion, so as not to violently vibrate the vocal cords, causing vocal cord damage.

銆€銆€It can be seen that the scorpion is dumb, and the effective scorpion dry mute treatment can help you recover the disease as soon as possible.

The scorpion is dumb, drink water!