Shen Fang’s mother said:“I have been calling Xiaofang this afternoon,Phone off,Make a call to work,The unit said she was not there,Call home again,The phone at home won’t answer for a long time,So don’t worry,Just come and see。”She said to her daughter again:“Why didn’t you not go to work this afternoon?”

Shen Fang’s tears flowed out:“What class am i in,The director of the office was rubbed by others,Just let me take care of the discipline inspection and supervision,Drink tea and read the newspaper every day。”
“You are a girl,I still want to go to work and take care of something big?”Mother said。
Shen Fang muttered:“I didn’t care about major events,It’s not bad,New leader just arrived,I’ll have an operation,I can’t figure it out。So I went home。”
“You stupid?”Mother said:“I won’t go to work and make emotions?Play attitude with the new leader,I tell you,If you don’t pay attention,Maybe,You won’t be a member of the bureau。”
“When not accomplishing,I don’t like this broken title either。”Shen Fang said。
“Crazy you,If you didn’t mean anything at first,I’m really rubbed by others now,You will lose your lord。”
“Throw it away,The new leader took me for surgery as soon as he came,Doesn’t seem to care about anything,I do not know,Slap me in the face or hit someone in the face。”Shen Fang said strangely。
Shen Fang’s mother looked at Peng Changyi,Said:“Changyi,To say so,How can you adjust people just after a day and a half??and,He should also know Xiaofang’s relationship with you?Even if he doesn’t know you,Should also be taken care of,It seems,He really didn’t save you this face。”
Peng Changyi was disgusted by what his mother-in-law said,Just said:“Why did you follow?Xiaofang don’t understand,You have been a cadre for so many years, don’t you understand??Don’t talk about anything else,Take his adjustment of personnel division for example,Although I only have a day and a half to take office,I think he did it right,Very courageous。I don’t know if he adjusted others,Shen Fang alone should be adjusted,Team members have division of labor,But the team members are also the head of the office, which in itself is wrong.,Only a bastard would arrange personnel issues like this。The director of Shen Fang’s office was taken away sooner or later,But early,Better than late。Get early,He can say something,It won’t be useful for anyone to intercede with each other,At most one sentence,I don’t understand the situation,Didn’t take care of this relationship,Nothing else will help;Take late,He might not be able to take it,Because the relationship of all aspects will surface,Took care of the relationship,Will affect internal work,Took care of the work,Will offend the relationship。and so,The reason why people came for a day and a half touched people,This is superb leadership skills,It has nothing to do with recognizing me。Even if he recognizes me,I won’t go to someone to intercede because of a small office director,Besides, I am not the president of the country,People don’t recognize me as normal。”
Shen Fang’s mother didn’t expect a word from herself,Invite the son-in-law to refute,The key is that the son-in-law is right,She didn’t know what to say for a while,Somewhat awkward and unnatural。
Shen Fang said at this moment:“Take a look,Is that so?,I know you want to see my jokes。 I finally got to be such a small official,Good for you,See me every day,I wish I had some bad luck,Are you still watching jokes……”
I heard Shen Fang say“humble”This word,Peng Changyi’s fiery ground came up,He stood up,Said:“Shen Fang,I said something to you in front of my mother today,You shouldn’t be so humble!”Peng Changyi’s words are louder,Also very strict,He said:“who are you?You are my wife of Peng Changyi!Who am i, Peng Changyi?Haodai is a county party secretary,Jin’an Municipal Party Committee Directly Managed Cadres,And you,But for a small broken official,Begging for help,Also caught the fame and chastity of a wife,Is this the demeanor of a family member of your cadre??Is it something you should do as the wife of a county party secretary??I wonder,Why are you doing this?What are you missing?Does it need to be so eager for quick success??Are you out of food or money to spend?Yes,You followed me Peng Changyi did not enjoy a rich material life,Not rich,We only live on wages,I have no other secret income,But I don’t think there’s a problem with raising a child on our wages,You need to be humble for such a small broken official, regardless of dignity and face,Even make a stubborn thing!I will tell you solemnly today,Again,That fat pig is the best ending!”