The location of the attacker has been locked,The dark-skinned exotic youth,Hiding in a pine tree fifty meters away,Aim at them with a rather sophisticated hidden weapon。

There are six people here this time,The dead leader is a powerful man in the late acquired period,If you hadn’t despised your opponent too much just now,Will never die so easily。
Among the remaining five pursuers,There are also three martial artists。
Except for the person who fell on the ground,Including men with left arm injuries,All show an elusive body technique,Quickly approach the pine tree where the foreign man hides。
The youth on the pine tree is not nervous,I saw him take out a black ball from the waist,Fiddled with it and threw it at one of the pursuers。
Then he took out the same hidden weapon from his arms,Pull the trigger with both hands,Shooting at several other people。
Although because of the strong body of the pursuer,Failed to hit their vital part,But all three of them were injured more or less。
The chaser to which the black ball flies,Is a warrior who has stepped into the middle of acquired。
I thought it was a powerful hidden weapon,But the black ball didn’t even touch him,It fell three or four meters ahead。
Just as this person breathed a sigh of relief,The black ball exploded,Even with internal support,The blast wave also shook him out of internal injuries,Fragments flying around,Even killed him instantly。
And another consummate warrior who is less than ten meters away from him,Was also affected by a small amount of debris,Two deep wounds on the body,A lot of blood flew out。
Simultaneously,The loud roar shook the other two pursuers,Although they only froze for a moment,But the hidden weapon in the hands of the youth,Have targeted their vitals……
Less than a minute in total,Six powerful pursuers,Didn’t get close to their goal,Was all killed by this young man in the dense forest。
“A bunch of idiots,I don’t understand the truth about Lin Mojin,I deserve it if I die。”
The youth jumped down from the tree,Touched on several pursuers。
What surprised him was,In addition to the silver ticket and a few bottles of healing pills,Actually from the leader,Figured out a martial arts cheat。
But this book is called《Liuhe Gong》Inner strength,Looks a bit too new,Make Wang Hong uncertain about its authenticity,I can only put away the doubts。
I looked at the coffin from afar,The young man sighed and said:
“Forget it,Since I called your brother,Also took your inheritance,I have to bury you。”