The phone rang for a while and stopped,Ling Xiaoyun stripped herself,Walk to the bed,Got on the bed,Just reached out and hugged the woman who was also naked,The phone on the bedside suddenly rang again。

“who is this?Calling endlessly,Really annoying。”
Woman complained。
“Baby,You wait a while,I answered the phone first。”
The phone in Ling Mofeng’s bedroom,Only his son Ling Mofeng and his most powerful helpers know,He made strict rules for them;There is nothing urgent,Don’t call the phone in his bedroom。
but now,The phone in the bedroom rang!
“Did something happen??Accidentally beat that kid to death?”
Ling Xiaoyun guessed,In the morning when Ling Mofeng took his generals away,He once told them,The lesson is almost enough,Don’t kill……
Is it?
“Hey,I am Ling Xiaoyun。”
Answer the phone,Ling Xiaoyun said slowly。
“Big brother,problem occurs……”
The phone is from Zhou Shao, one of his most powerful men。
Ling Xiaoyun is not very worried,Since something has happened,It’s useless to worry,It’s better to accept calmly,So we can handle the situation calmly。
“Boss,The kid who did the right thing with the master is too good!The six of us were cleaned up by him alone,Li Biao broke both arms,All five of us were injured,Master him……”
On the phone,Zhou Shao stuttered when he talked about Ling Mofeng……
“What’s wrong with master?Say it。”
Ling Xiaoyun is anxious now。