Eiko, I want to say to you

Smell the rain outside the window, quietly drift on the beautiful earth, in the spring and again came quietly。Do you remember, we met the first spring it?Do you remember how long do we love?Scratch that calculation, there has been a full five years, in which 1 800 days and nights, I like you as cowherd apart on both sides of the Galaxy, distant relative: Gean How many times on TV, how many times Gean call, tears of despair merged into the front of this turbulent Jingtao, desperate call into that spring thunder。    Eiko, whenever you hear that beautiful voice and moving from the end of the line, whenever you listen to that cry of pain, my heart really brokenhearted, I hate myself too incompetent, not a complete answer to you, all my vows of love in the face of reality shattered, pale in the face of reality a sense of guilt in the heart wells up, facing the road in front of us, sometimes really feel a desperate, really do not want and then finish the road of life。    Eiko, you know.?In this world the only thing I was worried about you, the only thing I do not trust you to go。I go, how do you do?We love how do?People will not understand, the world's only worthy of my nostalgia is your share of pure love。It is difficult to live, die hard, I really do not know how to face the future separated from the days when the road is the end of life。    Eiko, every time you took my arm, walking down the street, it was born of a perfect match ah; whenever we were together the night, time flies like an arrow to。How much short Eiko ah, why is your night time; night without you, and is so long。Together difficult, more difficult to do when, when I saw you away in the back, the kind of heart tearing pain, can not be described in words, helpless tears off the orbital out。    Eiko, my loved ones, my beloved, at this moment you feel my heart beating it?I think you must like me, suffering in the pain of love。Although the two of you tearing pain in my heart, but it has a true love of happiness, also in nourishing you my heart。At this point I think this is the happiest person in the world。    Eiko, life has a price, love is priceless。To this golden love, willing to pay life。    April 6, 2008