Spain and China nationals were robbed subsequent police additional police to strengthen security

Source: Chinese Consulate General in Barcelona in Spain website screenshots。   Local time on March 3, 2018, Lin Chinese nationals in Shenggeluoma city looting, escape the robbers on the spot, local overseas Chinese police immediately and track the robbers, clashed with police at the scene processing, killing one Chinese nationals were injured, two arrested。   Deputy Consul General Consulate General Lu Cijun Consulate General briefed the work done in the "3.3" event, emphasized by the city government hopes to further enhance the meeting, police and overseas Chinese folk of understanding and mutual trust, as more Chinese nationals well integrated into development and create more favorable conditions。   Deputy Mayor of the city of St. Montero said that Chinese nationals industrious practical, make a positive contribution to the economic development of the holy city, plus the district and Spain, is an important part of Spanish immigrants。
Through this event, between the parties should establish smooth communication channels, enhance mutual trust, not due to differences in culture, language and so lead to misunderstanding, to create a safe and happy Shenggeluoma City to work together。
  Holy City Police Director Karpathos, introduced the "3.3" robbery and conflicts, noting that the police department act in accordance with the regulations, the action is not directed against any particular group。
Pa suggest that the majority of overseas Chinese sure alarm in the event of a crime, not because of the language barrier, taking personal time and other reasons, "peace and quiet", the police have more crime data base on the countermeasures and take action。
  Pa stressed that the future police will step up publicity efforts, such as distribution of Chinese version of "Chinese businessmen to secure the prompt" to improve the safety awareness of local residents and self-protection, I hope the majority of Chinese nationals to support and cooperate。 Recently, the police have been deployed police force in the relevant areas, providing more security for the local population。   For nationals questioned the validity of the alarm, the alarm Pa represents the first step in initiating investigations, and it is the only correct choice, but also to increase police deployment, installed by cameras provided data to support initiatives。 Questions about how to regulate excessive police enforcement, Pa said that within the police responsible for monitoring police conduct have a higher authority, if necessary, the parties can fill out the complaint form referred to relevant departments。   Diaspora representatives also with the municipal government and police set up Chinese police calls, establish liaison mechanisms set up volunteer platform to exchange views on issues of public roads to install cameras。
Municipal government recently held a security plan and a business forum with Chinese nationals, hoping to help Chinese nationals live and work in the local。
  Chinese Consulate General in Barcelona will continue to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, including the area, to assist overseas Chinese and government, immigration, police and other departments to achieve more effective communication and make unremitting efforts。