Female few days eating these types of fruit, you can comfortably spend (1)

  Pay attention to manage their mouth, it is easy to appear menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, and other various gynecological diseases!So, today gave the majority of my friends talk about the health of women during menstruation some of the fruit, eat with MM were clearly listed in a section of what treatment What are the symptoms!  1.Relieve dysmenorrhea fruits of our normal life, a lot of fruit on the terms are very favorable, especially for some women have symptoms such as dysmenorrhea during menstruation, it should be able to eat more fruits relieve symptoms such as dysmenorrhea。Such as dates, apples, grapes, pears, tomatoes, etc., these nutrients contained in fruits to relieve dysmenorrhea have a good effect。Situation generally occurs during menstruation dysmenorrhea both before and after, there will be patients with severe nausea and vomiting, cold sweat dripping, cold limbs, and even fainting。
  And like dates, apples and fruits are high in vitamin C, in addition to direct more easily absorbed by the body glucose and rich in minerals, these fruits are able to secrete a substance relieve pain, to relieve each dysmenorrhea situation caused by a variety of reasons。
  2.Many fruits are likely to improve endocrine endocrine disorders occurs during May, experts remind, the situation in this respect during menstruation should eat longan, lotus seeds, walnuts, dates and other fruits。
In general menstruation is mainly reflected in changes in the menstrual period by the amount can be said it is the most common reaction period, and these fruits have a role in improving endocrine, but also can be a good conditioning of female irregular menstruation and other symptoms。So there is the case of irregular menstruation women should eat more of these fruits。
  In addition to these fruits are also rich in carotene, vitamins and other nutrients é, some often have insomnia, irritability, etc. during the month should eat。  3.The most important is the fruit of the blood of the blood, and therefore in normal life, should eat more foods with blood effect, in particular, should eat more fruit can be blood during menstruation。
Such as dates, lychees, cherries, grapes, walnuts, strawberries, etc., these fruits are rich in rich in iron, in addition to the same rich in vitamins and amino acids and other nutrients, these are the basic manufacture of hemoglobin trace element, and also very easy to be absorbed by the body using。
  Not eat spicy food stimulation during menstruation lady feel particularly tired, weakened digestion, poor appetite, therefore, should pay attention to diet light and easy digestion and absorption of food, avoid eating too large acid and pungent foods, such as hawthorn , sauerkraut, vinegar, pepper, mustard, pepper, etc.。