Network navy Survey: What are issued as long as the money to double the price sensitive content | Cluster

  Source: Beijing Morning Post "as long as the money, what kind of content have made" network of water army criminal investigation activity: to act as holding hands and pushed two thugs network identity since May 2017, Ministry of Public Security to deploy public security organs in the fight against "Network National cluster navy battle ", has been uncovered criminal cases 'network of water army' more than 40 cases, involving a total amount of yuan, criminal suspects and arrested more than 200 people suspected of illegally seized and shut down speculation network of more than 5000 accounts, Close tens of thousands of illegal sites, malicious speculation involving online information tens of millions of。
  After careful investigation for three consecutive months, in July 2017, under the command of Ministry of Public Security, 21 provinces and cities nationwide to close the net cluster action against "three strikes Ha" network of water army cases, suspects were arrested 77 men involved in the case the amount of nearly 400 million, seized a large number of items involved in computers, mobile phones, and removable storage devices such as banks Kazhe。 The case is the first case of using the website implementation case "network of water army" illegal delete posts speculation, is also the first hit "network of water army" of national clusters battle, the case involves a wide area, the number of staff, network of relationships complex modus operandi has distinctive characteristics of the Internet age。   "Three-Ha" connected sites employer and navy in April 2017, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau after a long investigation, dug up a "three-Ha" website as the core, involving 21 people involved in provinces and cities nationwide, with operations in major internet forums, sharing resources by creating a website platform, cooperate with each other to form a "paid delete posts, posting, irrigation" intermediary mode of large chain "network of water army" gang。   Reporters learned in the interview, the site claims to be China's largest online trading platform, extension services, typical network public relations company's Web site, the most representative of the "network of water army" scale website that provides home on keywords, negative public opinion public relations, brand and product marketing, the marketing of soft paper, writing press releases and other services, the establishment of channels has issued a press release with the major mainstream sites。   "This website greatly facilitates the contact between the employers and 'navy', employers pay a deposit after the release task information from the platform to take custody, navy after receiving the task is completed, after the employer assessment stamped stamp eligibility, the payment platform cost。
"Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Internet police detachment Liu said the police officer, where platform-two percent of the total profit, and the remaining eighty percent obtained by the completion of the task 'navy'。
  Paid delete posts reap high returns start in July 2016, "three Kazakh" Web site began operating on behalf of business text messaging。 "In order to be able to accurately put, they have mastered the nearly five million citizens personal information, covering most provinces in the country, age and job classification。 "Liu said police suspect Zhongmou after contact message on behalf of the platform, after receiving the offer price will be appropriate to add a little money reported to the customer, pocketing the difference。
  Police investigators told reporters, access to personal information of citizens is the main channel for some of the industry's internal staff used his position and hacker attacks, and then sell the information to people in need。 "A lot of 'spam' all personal information we receive in life is to be used after the illegal acquisition of another。 "This site is another main business is to help the parties remove its negative posts, according to the size of the pay site from 300-3000 yuan range。 Reporters learned in the interview, Zhang Moufei is moderator of a website, monthly salary 4,000 yuan, the main task is to ensure that the first version of the site content is normal, clean home。
"The first time I delete posts in 2015, is a normal post five hundred dollars, many things may reach 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan。
"Zhang Moufei said to me delete posts mostly complaints of product quality, peer interaction and other black content。
  Face normal delete posts reporter raised the issue of what conditions need to have, Zhang Moufei cited an example, such as a consumer complaints a product is not good, very gently publish comments, I can not delete this post。 Only by allowing this post in order to have the opportunity to remove the offending, which requires someone to irrigation, release some pornographic pictures and illegal advertising, so I have a reason to delete。   "There should be 20 a month, you can earn up to a few thousand dollars a month。
"Zhangmou Fei said that although aware of this illegal things, but I have luck that the lug delete is not easy to find, and now regret。   Liu police officer said: "delete posts, shielding post, after receiving customer demand, the customer will be based on assessment costs, after finding forum moderator or the company 'ghost' through the layers of intermediaries to operate。 In this process, each agency will receive between 50-100 yuan agency fee, the formation of a 'wide coverage, chain length, complex relationship' delete posts paid intermediary chain mode。
"Network navy good slander 'network of water army' often serve as 'holding hands pushed' and 'network thugs' two identities, the hot news and users emotions nowadays combine by 'occasion' and 'momentum' marketing reach purpose。 At the same time, some companies keen to find, malicious slander, attack opponents themselves more effective than positive publicity。   '' Network of water army 'is often long as the money, what kind of content customers have made。
"Police investigators Liu said the police officer, while some elements of price sensitive posts even doubled, high profits let them rush。   '' Network of water army 'common in fabricating false information, slander attacks, illegal promotion and other illegal activities, serious violations of personal and property rights of citizens。
"Liu police officer said, 'network of water army' with a strong 'network triad' nature, the network is likely to erode energy, destroy the normal ecological network, often caused by people afraid to sound Justice Network。   Many police investigators said the Internet Without Borders no provincial boundaries, relying on a network cable "net to net out", like a spider web architecture, cross-cutting staggered complex, covering the whole country, but the network is not without legal restrictions, the majority of Internet users in the use be careful not to touch the bottom line of the enjoyment of the legal network。   Ministry of Public Security Network Security Protection Agency official said, the case is successfully detected, reflecting the public security agencies to fight "network of water army" in accordance with law, order, regulation of cyberspace strong will, highlighting the public security network security departments to combat criminal networks, maintain network security strength and determination, for the criminal acts that endanger the ecological network, undermine network security, public security organs will not be tolerated, and resolutely crack down。   According to Xinhua News Agency。