Cassia soaked in water to drink side effects Introduction

Before we talk a lot about the benefits of, its efficacy and role of relevant content, of course, there are good and bad, there is an old saying called the three-drug, this sentence will not be groundless, as the blind Cassia Chinese medicine has its side effects, also has its suitable for people, today we have to introduce Cassia side effects for everyone。 [Side effects] Cassia adding different proportion of nutritionally complete food in Cassia, with the proportion of the drug in rats reduced the weight gain.The FDA clinical oral blood fat, 9% of cases after taking the early stages, bloating, diarrhea and nausea, but can disappear, does not affect the continued medication.[Note] Cassia Cassia herbal cold, diarrhea and have lower blood pressure, not suitable for spleen and stomach, spleen diarrhea and hypotension in patients taking.In addition, Cassia mainly contains rhubarb, emodin and other compounds, long-term use can cause intestinal disease or cause intractable constipation.[With] appropriate medlar, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, fried Cassia, roses.[Required] Brewing method fried Cassia brewed tea.In fact, no matter what it is, it has its two sides, so we want it to be a full understanding of each other, make good use of its strengths, to take the most reasonable to use to get the desired effect of。