Fiji has called rich second generation investment difficulties to its prime minister: very sense of obligation

Yu side is a second-generation rich with ideas。  This year it was 31-year-old Yu-edge, already has had three general manager qualifications, have successfully saved the company his father had built the light side are ready to give up, but also have to recover 300 million yuan foreign debt, boldly promised bonuses to subordinates, a months to recover more than one hundred million yuan。  The move, his father is stunned。Especially his father was the founder of "China Top 500 Private Enterprises" Zhe Jiang Tianjie Group。  In mid-July, "International Finance" correspondent met Yu side, he had just come back to Fiji。It is because of the side buildings of outstanding performance, his father ordered him in command Fiji project four years ago。  This is the biggest project after his successful operation of three companies, operating independently again。According to the plan, a total investment of more than 3 to Fiji cement plant.500 million yuan。  Office buildings in the side, behind the wall hangs a huge Fijian capital, Suva local map。He introduced Suva layout to "International Finance" reporters: "This is the business district, this is the pier, which is our hostel……"After all the young, we can not hide some pride:" This investment has done very good。"He chuckled," I insist on saying what a big problem, I can not tell。"The prime minister and his son duo dinner with the Prime Minister of Fiji had a big dinner, the Prime Minister said Yu-edge offerings: 'If you come, I will go all out to support you'。By investigation, Yu side decided to build a cement Fiji Fiji sides to build cement factory buildings, from a dinner。  In 2010, during the Shanghai World Expo, through a friend, while Yu and his father with Fijian Prime Minister Bainimarama couple had a big dinner。At that time, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Han Zhiqiang accompany them together。  On the table, there are two human recommended they go to Fiji business。One is Mr Hon。He told his son Yu side: "I spent many years in Fiji, a very good impression of Fiji。"This sentence, let Yu unfamiliar side of Fiji had a little vision。  The second is the Prime Minister of Fiji。He said each of the offerings on the edge Yu: "If you come, I will go all out to support you。"" At that time I did not understand Fiji, only that it is an island nation in the South Pacific。"Edge Yu smiled and said:" But that meal down to eat, I felt my heart this thing fly。"Yu-edge feel tricky, one of the reasons is because there is a huge market space for the cement industry in Fiji。  He understood that local Fijian only a small-scale cement grinding plant, all imported clinker, produced in cement prices as high as 1,200 yuan per ton。Fiji and construction projects in recent years has developed rapidly, people want to improve the quality of housing。Build a cement plant, not only beneficial to the people, but also may become prime minister "achievement projects"。  Another point is the excellent investment environment in Fiji。A few years ago, while Yu invested in a copper smelting project in Congo。A year later defeat, the reason is "too messy country", "not even a screw to be a few dollars."。Yu side smile, said: "Originally, the project earned earthshaking, ruined in the political environment。"But the Prime Minister of Fiji to a dinner, while Yu move the heart。There ambassador "chimed in," Prime Minister "offerings", the market has broad prospects, are there any hesitation?  He began to take over the project – check the information requested in writing reports, set up team。The end of 2010, the Fiji Government should offer, while Yu for the first time to visit Fiji。  After more than 10 hours of flight plus four hour time difference, while Yu arriving in Suva, Fiji International Airport.。From the tiny airport was short, side-yu first impression of Fiji – "poor, but really beautiful。"For the storm to build a cement plant, site selection is very important。At first, Yu side picked up a piece of land adjacent to the waterfront。When the foundations, the question came up, "the lot is only suitable geological structure of the light plant", although early has invested more than 200 million Fiji dollars, had to "pick up the second block of land located at the foot of a mountain town Lamy" let Yu side is overjoyed to Fiji after, he enjoyed simply "Ambassador class treatment."。  Fijian Prime Minister personally received his government to negotiate, the relevant government departments also accompany them warm。"As long as cement and related, basically all the way to the green light。"Yu said edge。  Soon, the Government of Fiji and also side-yu signed preferential terms, including a five-year tax holidays, cheap land rent, free transfer of profits and dividends abroad, etc.。  Cement plant construction a top priority, is to pick a high-quality land。Yu in the side view, the best location cement factory hidden land, conveniently located near the docks is the last choice。  Fiji officials of the Ministry of a land, immediate action。They hold all the data to government-owned land, buildings stand side make the selection on the table, the side-yu bad music。  After careful consideration, while Yu picked up a piece of land adjacent to the waterfront。In his view, the land adjacent to a river to the sea, the pier on the side, whether it is transportation or mining has unique conditions。  Selected land, while Yu nonstop to set up the engineering team started。In addition to bring the clean from the days of "old horse", while Yu also recruited from a 20 to a local Fijian workers as drivers and other duties。  Who knows only a piling, the problem came。  "I picked the seafront, the five-meter time or hit the soft sand。"Edge Yu said:" This plant is only suitable geological structure of the light, too risky for heavy equipment。"Yu-worker asked, do you still want to play down。Yu is very difficult side。If you give up, it means that more than 200 million Fiji currency may be "no good"。But on second thought, time is money, there is no benefit stalemate。He turned back Prime Minister's Office, but also picked up a second piece of land located at the foot of a mountain town Lamy。  Yu-edge thought this is a hundred percent insurance, who knows a piling, or sand。"I was heart is cold。"He said。  Yu know edge, and back to site, the cost of spending too much。He had to gamble, another place piling。Fortunately, this is no problem – the original rock formations are less rules the foot of the mountain layer, just find the right spot can be piling。Finally sigh with relief。  Blessing in disguise。Yu soon found the edge of the land on the edge of the mountain has a lot of important material for cement materials – volcanic ash。That means he does not have to spend big money buying another, just take a shovel to dig on the line。  PR Eighty per cent of indigenous Fijian land are vested in the hands of the local indigenous people, while Yu at first out of courtesy and practical needs, to deal with the local indigenous。Over time, "really I liked their simplicity." But he had a chance to happy, the problem again。  Fiji more than 80% of the land are vested in the hands of local indigenous people。To develop their land, or the land surrounding them "to engage in activities" have their consent。  Edge Yu told the "International Finance" reporters, many foreign investors before, because they might relations and indigenous people, are H-back, he told himself, can not repeat the same mistakes。  At first, Yu sent a few side under the "visit" of indigenous people stockade。One to two to go, to find out the rules, he simply own battle。  He often prepare a few bottles of red wine, buy a little local roots (traditional gift) in the past。Into the stockade, hand out gifts, and then sit back and chiefs, village cadres drink together。  "General Chiefs in the middle, standing on both sides of the village cadres。I told them of the project, in particular, what is the return of the village after the project is completed。Then, the mayor will welcome me, to come up with local cava let me drink。"Cava has in the South Pacific islands of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and other countries long history, legends Cava also marvelous, the Fijian kava served in a coconut shell, like with the nectar, and as national drink。  Although wine called cava, which in itself does not contain any alcohol, wine and other kava root irrelevant。Cava is produced in one kind of the South Pacific Islands (Fiji, Vanuatu, etc.) of kava roots taking water pulverized into powder modulation by。  It sounds very interesting, but the side-yu do not like this wine。In his view, in fact, the roots of cava crushed bulbs cold water。  "The water and cool, do not drink, a drink that is especially 5,6 hours。"Edge Yu said, although sometimes can not stand, but he did not show a twinge of annoyance," In the beginning perhaps out of courtesy and practical needs, but then really liked their simplicity。"This simple, but also in local religious ritual of drinking。Cava is a high-profile ceremony etiquette, there is a certain drinking kava ceremony, guests want to clap your hands three times, took the coconut shell, drained, and then the shell back to the owner, and then clap three the procedure is completed to show。  This ceremony is a symbol of the highest etiquette in Fiji tribes, diplomats, greet guests, major celebrations, celebrate major festivals, weddings and other occasions without it。  Yu is the edges investors, but also local guests, and of course this ceremony。"They first big bowl of kava, a man scoop a spoonful。To me, I scoop a spoonful, drink, drum palms, say Brad (thank you), the village head is very happy to say welcome welcome。"Sometimes drinking wine, while Yu also pulled them up and dance。Tall buildings side when he encounters such distress, or send a child to rely on sugar to fool the past。Later, while Yu was enthusiastic villagers honest infection, some will be dancing。  Yu said the side, which is the exchange of different cultures。The so-called indigenous public relations, not people imagine dinners, honest indigenous people are very happy to see Chinese people from the cultural power of respect for their culture and goodwill。"So do these things may be hard, but a long time, do not have some fun。"The government public relations in the construction process, if the difficulties, the general would call directly to the Prime Minister of Fiji, 'the Prime Minister received my phone, I will immediately think of ways to help, great sense of obligation'。But the Prime Minister can not solve some problems, such as Fiji under a burst of rain always stopped for a while, Chinese employees will work heavy rain, but no such consciousness Fiji employees, and make some rain made damp cement clinker fight after completion of the foundation, while Yu's engineering team is facing the plant cover construction, equipment installation, commissioning and final acceptance of several aspects of the production。At this time, the third side troubled Yu again。  Yu said edge, plant construction and equipment installation basically cover outside, but Fiji good rainfall so that he did not expect。  "Rain is always under a burst stop here for a while。Workers have been doing 10 hours a day, and now can not do anything。"Yu-edge smile。  Sometimes, Chinese employees from day-cleaning operation will be heavy rain, but no such consciousness Fiji employees。Yu said the side, watching them lazy shelter, my heart will take a little fire。  Problems caused by the rain does not stop such a point。Because prolonged period, the country shipped from the clinker plant had piled up in long-term dampened。Etc. when used, these are glued to the damp clay clinker mill above, to form a block。  At first, Yu side to mobilize the workers to clean out lumps of cement, laborious。Then he thought of a way to use the dryer to dry wet clinker first, and then the mill, good results。  Edge Yu said that in Fiji, this "Riddles" more to go。  For example, when installing the equipment, he found Fiji produced crane loading capacity is not enough, not hanging large equipment。He considered, on the one hand to change the design, so that the device becomes smaller grow shorter; on the one hand to find a large crane in the local。  To find the local people in Fiji were looking for, he usually call directly to the Prime Minister of Fiji。He said, "The prime minister received my phone, will immediately think of ways to help, great sense of obligation。"Despite the heavy engineering, while Yu also did not forget to 'return' to support the Government of Fiji。He often invite government officials Fiji to eat, to send more gifts like wine, consolidate contacts。  However, while Yu never send too expensive gifts。He said the ceremony is not heavy, that the mind。  For example, the Fijians like to play football。Yu side had an idea, spend more than 1,000 coins Fiji sponsored a football team, the jersey printed with "day clean cement," like playing, like a living advertisement。  There are a few times, while Yu presented to government officials in Fiji printed with corporate identity in line with local tradition Brad shirt。The results of government officials, the Ministry of Land and out all day wearing clean of "overalls"。Think of that scene, he could not help laughing。  The effect of these "public relations" strategy to make side-yu feel satisfied。On one occasion, the day cleaning the car speeding Fiji。Local staff already stopped their car, then I saw the "cleaning day" words on their clothes, immediately waved release。  "Of course, this does not mean that I have any special privileges like。"Yu said edge。To the post-project completion and acceptance stage, the two countries due to the different design standards in Fiji several times because of minor details can not pass review。  Edge Yu said that foreign investment is the way while trying to work, while learning to adapt to local rules。  He felt pretty good to learn。  Market prospects as planned, Fiji total investment of 367.55 million yuan, but the actual cost will be higher than budgeted 50%。Sales strategy is to set the price slightly lower than the opponent in the grade。From now, the market acceptance is also satisfactory early in the project, while Yu and his team produced an economic feasibility report。According to the report, Fiji's total investment is 367.55 million yuan。Of these, nearly half for equipment and material investment。  How such a large investment, income?According to the prior forecast, Fiji enter the first year net profit will reach 34.92 million yuan, reached a plateau nearly 9,000 million during the first six years of production。  But in the interview, Yu-edge data and less emphasis on this prediction。He put aside these figures, bluntly broke off from the finger。"Our short-term goal is this year's annual output of 60,000 -8 million tons to reach 100,000 tons next year, long-term maintenance of about 300,000 -40 ten thousand tons。200 dollars profit per ton of cement。"The reason for these predictions aside, while Yu said, in overseas investment, the actual situation with respect to the written plan 'has a lot of change'。For example, the investment, the actual cost will be higher than budgeted 50%。  "Before we figured very optimistic。"Edge Yu said," put into operation in early 2014, doing more than a year to recover the costs。But in fact we take a lot of detours。In addition, our products into the market also has a process of acceptance, to fully open the market a short time, have failed。"However, while Yu market prospects for its products is still very optimistic about。He told reporters that Fiji has a policy to protect local business tax。That local Fijian can manufacture products such as imported from abroad to impose a 30% tariff。This means that if local people to purchase imported cement, then spend a lot of money。Yu side judge, said: "Basically, competition from abroad could wipe out。"From domestic competitors, the local Fijian original a small cement grinding plant, but the establishment of day-cleaning cement company has broken the monopoly of the market, forcing the other to cut prices。  Yu said the side, because the other side using imported clinker, hard to drop prices。Their strategy is to set the price slightly lower than the opponent in the grade。From now, the market acceptance also satisfactory。  Edge Yu said, the long-term goal of this annual cement production line is about 300,000 -40 ten thousand tons。"Thirty or forty million tons China is not a thing, but that is a big business in Fiji。"Yu intends edge after occupation of the local market, to further develop export markets。He excitedly told reporters, Brazilian customers have "her door。"Investment sentiment edge Yu was early 30s, after the baptism of overseas investment, obviously has matured, 'Chinese foreign things and different, we must carefully study the situation in the country to invest', employers 'or one of us reliable', when things" do not tangled, not cranky "Today, the day of the clean cement production line project has not only put into operation, a number of new projects are in the pipeline, such as rebar investment, mineral resources development, etc.。Yu side also intends to abandon a last resort before beachfront land for real estate development。  Yu told reporters that edge, Fiji is a paradise for investment。In addition to the building materials industry, the entertainment industry, the construction industry, aquaculture and other industries are to be developed。A small business in Fiji Chinese people everywhere, "more convenient"。  He told the "International Finance News" reporter, investment in foreign countries, often feel where are the problem, where not shun。But there are several key points must be right。  Yu sides summed up the three points: First, the project。Project is the first one。If the rate of return uncertainty is not acceptable and must be a high rate of return, several times higher than the country or even several times, so the project was worth doing。Secondly, the local environment is also important。Including the security situation, laws and regulations, political environment, language, national culture。In short, they see foreign investors from government attitude to the people, especially if people friendly to China。Also, bring a team is very important, be sure to bring caring person。  For this, while Yu is particularly feeling。Yu is a side managed by modern educated people, always felt out of the same old family business, certainly not for a long time。I still want to go the way of professional managers。Who knows the beginning, he was wrong。  Yu told reporters that edge, a subordinate selfish He started with a little heavy, "What are thinking about their own pockets。We not only waste a lot of money, but also their own small business fishing extra money。Later, no way, I had to send one of us to replace him。"Yu side of the mouth of 'one of us', is his brother。It turned out to be a teacher, Yu appointed by side now take over the company's affairs in Fiji。Yu side sigh: "a circle of us still find reliable, really no way。"Yu told reporters that edge, even if these conditions are met, overseas investment will continue to face a series of problems。"Chinese and foreign things different。From the tax system to the approval process, from financial systems to environmental requirements, are not the same。Even the material above some small details, it is the unqualified approval, the failure。"He said," can do is sink down, a good country to invest in research, to find out exactly what the local situation。"Interview, he was talking about the unique magic of overseas investment is to keep a good attitude。  "The how to on how, do not tangle, not cranky。"He put a grape in his mouth。  Yu said this side was early 30s, but after the baptism of overseas investment, while Yu apparently has matured。He said that self-regulation applies not only to foreign investment, but also for businessmen anywhere working hard。  "There are times when I let the family come to play, I'll take them to the sun, look at the sea, what I do not want。"Yu said edge。