Fleeting cardamom, go deep in autumn

In late autumn, I want to pick a red beans, do your hair, and you embrace, not words, not sentimental, you know that——Inscription.Mo dust autumn, the end is dusk, like fly catkins!  I walked in the depths of this autumn, Renxin Xu in a certain period of time in the fleeting, such as flowers like growth, full of, then dropping like rain。  Out the window, the next rain, dripping on my ground, falling into petals, but also thrown Seiitsu flowers, such as a touch of the dough feelings in my heart flood。  Wind from the eyebrows fall, alerted my eyes waves。  Su Jian wanted to roll covered with that, as you write a love letter, even if it so his party, he said, Lingnan thin cold of late autumn, on a hillside covered with chrysanthemum jasmine, and sometimes the sun warm, and you remember that plus clothes!  Sitting in the back window, listening to the rain, the sound frivolous。A4 paper covered before, the table reflecting white pigment CFL light touch, hangs in eyes have。Lift the pen, no way-road, a long time so that idle hands, and thoughts where are you obsessed。  Out the window, Yuhua aroma Seiitsu, think of your smiling face, there will be a mass of emotions halo does not open, filled in my heart。Wind, slipped window, kiss my brow, I know, you read to me, again。  Perhaps the reason is late autumn, I say to you, there is always more than usual, always want to roll that covered Su Jian, write your name, deep and shallow, light ink to make a piece of paper, with the mood drift overflow, also with the fall of the time, you gradually through the day of morning, afternoon, evening, when forged autumn full of feelings, deep dance with the autumn, with autumn occupy, then quietly picked up the love of a fall, Tibet behind, will not let you see。  If you can, can be arranged in a row Acacia language characters, in the river sunset when the grass rustling in the season, you stint indigo eyebrows, cheeks still reeling cast that marks rouge, faint , timeless, elegant as ever, just as autumn flowers bloom in Muzhi。Then, I was in this autumn's wine cup, smudged past time, like when you see a ever!And I saw my laughter like that zhangwuji!  do you know?Late autumn season, I miss you most of the day!Because, from the recent winter, the depths of autumn, autumn closest distance, is dropping leaves, closest to you, and my heart!  The total also believe that the heart has the arrival of spring, flowers inevitable!  That there is a world of affection, such as two drops of dew in the morning, one in which the head of the lotus, a lotus in mind, whether there is no wind, the head of the grain of this lotus dew, eventually to the lotus heart wander, then, with a final embrace, the heart will be silent, it is not fate, are parts!  With beautiful period of life, just like a bead flower, although they will Xie, can stay in fragrance。Flower blossoms can no longer open, dying, but it can also be frangipani, and left lingering fragrance, dropping to the ground, with no water, no wind to go, still fragrant, if any regret, that it will only be under my emotions sky rain in late autumn, not cleared up, nothing to do with your mood!  Remember those who have the good, brew a pot of green tea, you are sitting on a bamboo chair in the breeze, and I have to speak of a tie not a tie, it is the island of Xiamen Siming late autumn in the shade, on the elegant light sea breeze, watching you smile, as Nianzhao a flower, fragrant。  That old time, the beautiful。  I think, well this quiet, is walking in the warm late autumn breeze brings, is the heart spontaneously clear joy, because they begin my association with you。  Autumn was dusk, yellow evening, when people lanes, shallow sake cup, is a warm little family of。Zhiqiu leaves you with his being, with his soft whisper your words, will always escape, a simple warm home to live in a time in that small courtyard between the depths of the alley。  This wonderful, not sitting in autumn day ahead, a man on a chair, can give birth to an endless sense of love, is the need to operate, is the need to find quiet days, then, in every faint silent day, every day lightly thin, love the love of her family, like the whole family like!  In late autumn, I want to pick a red beans, do your hair, and you embrace, not words, not sentimental, you know that!  Text / dust Mo, in Shunde capacity in 2015, the night of October 12