Germany proposed reform referendum on Greece bailout money paid or have been delayed

May 4, Athens, in the hands of a man holding a flag of Greece Syntagma Square and a placard。 REUTERS / ALKIS KONSTANTINIDIS [Related news] Greek officials: repayment of IMF loans have the EU's largest Jinzhu De States suggested Monday that Greece may need a referendum to approve painful economic reforms, but said there is no such plan in Athens, while others warn referendum may result in significant delays rescue。  Greece 7 day in advance payments to IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]).500 million euros, to quell the fears of the moment。However, the Greek finance minister 瓦鲁法基斯 (Yanis Varoufakis) said that the liquidity situation "extremely urgent" need to reach an agreement in the coming weeks to further release of funds。  Greece and the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank [microblogging] some progress in the negotiations appears, eurozone finance ministers welcomed the agreement but said further efforts are needed。  They cut pensions, to relax the threshold of the private sector layoffs and budget targets this year and next, there is still huge differences。  Eurozone governments had already expressed opposition to the referendum, saying the time was too late, and could lead to financial market turmoil and the Greek banks were in trouble a run on。  Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou (Papandreou) had the worst of the debt crisis in the euro zone in 2011 called for a referendum to make the EU partner countries was stunned。Then he held emergency talks with the leaders of France and Germany, and was asked to give a clear idea。  But the Greek left-wing government for a campaign promise, but refused to relent due to the implementation of unpopular reforms, German Finance Minister Schaeuble said that to ensure public support to make the necessary sacrifices may be useful。  Referendum Greek Prime Minister Mr Tsipras can make or liberation from the shackles of campaign promises。  "If the Greek government must consider a referendum, then let it do it," Schaeuble said the euro zone finance ministers meeting on arrival back to the field。  "It may even help people decide whether Greece is ready to accept the necessary reforms, or whether some other initiatives。"Dutch Finance Minister cum Eurogroup main Xidiseer Blom to pour cold water on the referendum issue, he warned that the referendum could be delayed frozen about 7.2 billion euros of bailout funds paid。  "Logically speaking, to hold a referendum, it is necessary to begin the implementation until the end of the referendum, and to do so seems to make sense," Bloom said after Vin Diesel will。  Familiar with the idea of the European Central Bank sources said Monday's Eurogroup statement still can not convince the European Central Bank as the Greek government wished to allow the government to ease the financing difficulties by selling more Treasury bills。  Greece for the biennium bond yields (yields) on Monday rose to 21 small.About 5%, as nervous investors take into account the risk of Greek default。Italy, Spain and Portugal bond yields also rose slightly。  Reuters survey of traders conducted before the repayment to the IMF for Greece showed that the probability of a Greek exit less than 25%, lower than the 40% forecast two weeks ago。(End) (Wang Lixin compiler / Xu flame / Liuxiu Hong; GONG aryl reviser / ZHANG Di) (Chinese network Reuters)