Honey, please let me know what you think

Recently a friend?Miss deeply troubled marriage!Affect the mood and pace of life。At home she was the only girl and mother had each other, her boyfriend and she was like Banzai like filial stroke rehabilitation mothers together。Mother?Miss dependence and possession ineffable, her boyfriend and her shoulder the heavy responsibility and pressure, and even placed in the new house after marriage where the problem has also led to conflict between the two!    yesterday?Miss a message in my mailbox, telling full of grievances and bitterness, suddenly I do not want a marriage!Since more than ten p.m. passed through text messages to her boyfriend: "Recent tired tired!I want to have a good rest!If someday I shamelessly naughty understand what you want to!"A simple message, in fact,?Miss simply want a baby, because of all the stress and distress boyfriend should understand!Call her boyfriend asked: "how the?"?Miss said: "Nothing ah!Just wanted to express the mood of it that way!"Boyfriend said:" I now have to work very tired, ask u said nothing!What else u want?"In this way, she thought her boyfriend should understand the difficulties and thoughts, Miss J wronged in tears all the way to fall asleep!Perhaps boyfriend really tired!Work pressure is also large!Plus because understanding?Miss pain also pained her, but unable to help since!Or just in a bad mood, but why received?Miss strange newsletter。。.Two people love each other, because a newsletter and some careless answer, so nausea spend the night!    In fact, such a misunderstanding between lovers often seen in the lack of communication is the most important key。Men and women of different structures of the brain, leading to different thoughts and ideas, research often say that men can have sex before then there is love, but a woman can not!(Of course Yuequ dissatisfied with the current social phenomenon), there was a book, "Why Men Love lie?Woman crying?"There are brilliant interpretation; men can be any excuses and reasons to justify their improper behavior, while women prefer a more narrow-minded, even to tears tentative offensive to gain sympathy, compassion and caring。    I fell in love time and date, almost little quarrel, when unpleasant things happen, immediately communicate with each other, speak out, there are problems resolved immediately, saying there is no good overnight air!Until acceptance of each other, and even apologized to each other!Accept each other's argument, reason and understand each other's minds, and then learn to revise and progress, two people to be able to go for a long time, is to be able to learn to grow together, it does not matter shortcomings, improve!    ?Miss and her boyfriend because of time plus the current mood, do not try to understand each other's ideas, did not clarify, so misunderstanding arises。Of course, a man's brain is very simple!The day might just feel?Miss bored, nothing to mess also pass a newsletter!Home to take a bath to bed may forget!Do not feel?Miss will therefore sad, cry, but do not know?Miss may therefore be angry, even decided not to marry the!The idea of course is not a simple woman, why he did not understand my feelings?Why do I just want it like a baby, he did not understand?Why take it out on me!…。In fact, if you simply do not know each other this way like a baby, it would change the way it spoiled!However, if only the moment do not understand each other's ideas, it would quickly communicate explain it!Only in a calm manner to communicate, to say otherwise fit of anger and decided to do are often hurtful!Impulse is the devil。    Nowadays?Miss and her boyfriend had some association with communication on the phone, the problem seems to be solved。I decided not to marry you??Miss smiled。So I said that the decision to do on a fit of anger or emotions tend to be impulsive, people are not saints, we have this experience!Only when the learning experience and growth, after every adjustment, every time progress, learn to control their emotions pace, mood or try to count to ten deep breaths。Do not let love for each other because of misunderstanding and wear。