84 people Commerce

84 years of the last century, a group of us just out of high school campus, joined the muddle of industrial and commercial administration of this family, to date, it has been a full 30 years!    30 years, white hair has been born, although people have changed, but the situation has not!  Looking back into the industry and commerce exam essay question: market knowledge.And what in the end is that we are not very clear on the “market” and therefore it was written in the “knowledge examination room.”.My understanding of the market was only limited to markets.Remember when we pre-job training in business school, the teacher explained to us the definition of a business license, you can talk for a long time, we still do not quite understand.Helpless, the teacher with the function of marriage certificate gave us a corresponding note.Although for a marriage license, just out of school we also feel strange, but also a little bit embarrassed, but easy to understand!After three months of pre-service training, we will be like the seed thrown into the various villages and towns across the state.  We enrich the business sector most basic level, the battle in the forefront of industry and commerce.Doing the same work in different towns, though the environment is different, but all similar hardships, we was tough Youle.The first is the director of the countryside with my other female students, we occupant ’25 sacred cow “in his mouth and sang” Wine dry if sell wood “, traveling in large sized stone paved country road.Director of attentive driving his luxury horse, and occasionally gave us his many years of work fighting local history, beautiful woman waving from time to time, shouting his mouth title of people’s armed forces minister who served as the director, because I and colleagues strongly opposed, and no one aboard.Gradually, my colleagues and I have not singing, but also lost that excitement beginning, we must concentrate on the protection of head and tail.”God cattle 25” is made of the cockpit, driving on rural roads as the taste is not generally uncomfortable.Arms must be brought under control with appropriate force, or will hit a head, a tail will Britain.Back to the countryside, our aches and pains, can not touch the head, the tail can not sit, even clothed arm pain.Our colleagues joke that we can not enjoy that blessing.This can not be true sense of the countryside.The first real in the sense of the countryside, but also three of us, went to the home of the director, we walk forward, along the way is very far away have a business households, evening, my colleagues and I look to the director of the local good family environment, a primary school teacher resting at home.The hospitality of our doctrine, after dinner, wash finished and put my female colleagues into our break room, in the dim kerosene lamps, we blindsided.The first time I saw a white quilt is not to single wrapped, we do not know the original color of the reason or sleep too long, uneasy heart clothes clothes, for fear, not to the owner removed the kerosene lamp , the next morning, our nostrils are black.At that time there is no mineral water, do not know their own water.Walking on the road thirsty hope there are families to boil some tea we drink.But I do not always drink the first cup of water, because the owner is always enthusiastic with their lost qualities of the towel repeatedly wiping his cup, cup have also issued a “creak, creak” sounds, then pour directly to guests drank.Since young, I do not know how to cherish and Thanksgiving.But decades later, with the kind of strong clay pot simmer bubble tea flavor is also clearly remain in my lips, especially thirst.Like most villagers to burn us in the pit of fire potato, grilled corn.That while eating corn, eating walnuts unique scent makes me pictures so far.Although very hard, but now in retrospect is very warm, strangers are friendly and honest and sincere fellow.Things have changed, people have changed, had to accompany us to the countryside old director has already cents to initially fight alongside us predecessors also walked two, they are my guides for entering the community, and the days they work together forever I miss is worth!May they Hanxiaojiuquan!  At first it would work, especially envy predecessors in uniform, always expecting to be able to wear one day earlier.Luckily, we caught up with the “Crusader” style uniforms.Always remember the first time I put on my uniform look.Because it is not tailored to the mast pants I own almost 2 times, clothes to wear on me also not very fit, there is the large caps, can really makes a big.Although some funny, but my heart was especially the United States, special air.Later tend to get sewing shop to change the clothes fit, and then especially conscious of the often dress up!Very proud to wear on various occasions!30 years, we have experienced five law enforcement credentials transformation.The first time I had law enforcement credentials also very excited, remember this is a small red, black printed above the “industrial and commercial administrative examination certificate” the words, there are various items to fill in with a pen, covered counties on photo Seal.Each time work, using the inspection certificate, I felt very sacred.Five law enforcement documents eventful years we witnessed the transformation undergone 30 years of industry and commerce!30 years of industrial and commercial people, we have witnessed the changes of industry and commerce, the hearts of many hidden love and sorrow!After decoupling tube do, to shunt, from the local to the down tube, and then to enrich the Food and Drug Administration this year, and perhaps will continue to reform the industry and commerce, but no matter what changes, we are still people Commerce, Trade and Industry still exercise the functions of the economy development escort!  30 years ago, our group big guy and the little girl, now all upgraded to Mom or Dad!Years of growth rings also generous show various parts of our body, fat or thin, a job change, or there are also reluctant to associate with us here on earth and left early our colleagues..But the same is our heart, our students love!No matter ends of the earth, we forget that we are human –84 Commerce!  84 people Commerce!Qiang Qiang blood, clank sound!30 years, no matter what position we are in, but we have no regrets blooded dedication to our cause!84 people Commerce!Trade and Industry will always be our talk about the subject.For business, our love-hate relationship, we will continue singing “Red Shield Ballad” for her guardian!  Extraordinary career is very sacred sublime, the market storm face it, sweat Know Know, economic tide you guard, stand all smiles are smiles, Oh Why OEM generation businessman, not scratch unyielding unyielding march all the way, Oh Why generations Trade and Industry who do not scratch unyielding unyielding march all the way, because the bright sunshine, red shield shine, oh red shield in the sky,.        Traveled mountain road span heavy water, also vigorous pace of work is also proud.    You build good faith and fair, gains and losses do not care do not care, do not fear the face of evil, righteousness red sky red sky, oh why the generation foundry businessmen, youth sway any blame any rancor or any labor, because the sea sincere sincere heart, red shield in burning, oh Red Shield burning….