A pure spirit of love

Love is a feeling, but also a listen, even if the pain is happy.Maybe love is a sad fairy tale but their distant and true.Abandon a person who loves you is not painful, giving up a person you love that was suffering.If time and space are not destined distance, if consensus can not be missed always together.Not too concerned about everything, but without the need to insist, let all revel.Once, the day and night as forever, as the tempting one o’clock I loved, so expect hold hands, they die of happiness.Today, finally understand that forever is a how scarce things, happiness is what a fragile thing mysterious.Perhaps the ultimate happiness has nothing to do with the heart man, perhaps one day, we’ll just hold whose hand the future, and his linguistic skills to see through the landscape! His true love is love, willing to give up everything for their loved ones and are willing to give up nothing for the people you love, because you have nothing to give up.In love there is no right or wrong, only the deep affection.True happiness is to love, to give up their dedication, even if he is very sad, but smiled and said I wish you happiness.Escape is not necessarily to avoid them, loneliness is not necessarily unhappy, not necessarily no longer have to lose.Love is a feeling, even if the pain will feel happy.Love is an experience, even if broken feel sweet, love is an experience, even if broken will feel beautiful.Do not be lonely and indulgence, not because of indulgence and lonely life.True love is so valuable, yet so heartbreaking to give up is the most beautiful love, perseverance is the strongest love.Hope that every man can cherish a woman to accompany your side, they had to pay for you, but I hope you can read, holding her hand can go strong. Love is an experience, even if broken will feel beautiful.Love is fate, love is touched, love is a habit.Do not let love your woman cry, but do not let her sad, but do not let her despair and give up hope, because once a woman love, lost love of people, you lose the whole world!Love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is understanding, love is a lifelong commitment.Lianzhao a man Angel never left thinking about a person from beginning to open eyes, looking at the eyes of a person where to stay, at any time dreamed of a smiling man in the mouth.Want to know what you’re thinking, I want to install all of the pain and hurt, but gradually would like to recall, but want to cry tears have been shed.I had dreamed of life have you, love is a pure spirit of love, a true spiritual impact, the soul pleasure only, with no strings attached. True, there is no age barriers, no geographical barriers, there is no comparison between rich and poor, relatively no place, no comparison looks.So, love is wonderful, holy, is a fully appreciate the mind, the soul pleasure.Thoughts, silent very sweet, time turned over yesterday, but my thoughts eternal.You still face care, you gave me sad memories of romance.True love is a commitment, it can stand the test of permanent; true love is selfless, it completely to give a person a feeling; love is honest, frank it to accept all the suffering.Eternal love is the life of our edge, long Acacia can cross the long and arduous journey, from afar you always in my heart.True love is rational, true love was born in the conversation and gaze, but it does not follow the instincts, not pretty confused by the appearance of.True love is a given, it does not require any return; love is a kind of care that it does not need any words to express; love is tolerance, it needs to understand and accommodate.After determining the real goal of love, to remove obstacles to a firm love. Miss is a bitter, love is tired; encounter is sweet; you really love ends of the earth!Then a long distance Ties I also miss you; the road further away, my heart, you will not be alone; Xinlingyizhan, you are still warm haven.To love is to understand the heart, love is a fully appreciate the mind, the soul pleasure.And get along with others, the most simple: you respect human foot, people respect you ten feet.In turn, you heartless people is unjust.I just want to give you my truest love.My love is like the moon, will be with you through every night I think, it will reveal a diamond-like crystal affectionate and eternal!Lonely is so heavy, it’s just because you want too, because the meet, knew each other, even if we have a thousand words, and yet can not start.Perhaps encounter too early, or know how to cherish each other; maybe met too late, already have another person around each other.True love is a two-way, two-way respect also, but not necessarily on the other, there can be a tolerant person to another person, because he understood how to love.Do not understand or do not understand is normal, but not because they do not understand and denial, blame, responsibility, and quarrels, but should first of all respect each other.Love is not possessive, not to share each other’s actions and thoughts, not control, not impose.Two might want to love each other, like, but can only be a special friend.Perhaps loyalty to friends, can not be attributed; perhaps to the family’s opinion, not homing.Love, need to be based on respect.Love as spring like spring rain, love is mutual respect, mutual support, is a lifetime of loving, not in riches and honor, even if it is an old-fashioned bicycles, they are still able to walk accompanied by a common way of life.