Abstract pepper

[REVIEW] when to pull another branch, a small wasp flying lightly, green barriers on this road I tear had a strong interest, twisting and flapping wings fell on a pepper leaf pleased to take two step, ceasing suction probe needle foliar lip, looking floral.    Now is the summer of the morning, the sun comes the prime of life, because of a storm last night and missed, missed the opportunity to wash flaw wash dirt and dingy, not very fresh.Vegetable flood on the whole been raging flood system accounted for, but could not get a pick up beach farmer.Swallow Jiji cried, small groups, have been chasing, shadow dexterity.The muddy water of the Han River, a few fishing boats fish without rules drift.    Prickly ash tree transplanting tree is only two years ago on the roof of the abandoned large earthen pot, the knot last year Xixishushu ten several flower, Thriving are dense fruit this year.I put a small carton hung on his arm, pulled the prickly ash tree branches and makes a pick pepper.Pepper little bark or redness, or glossy dark green, the next pinch each pepper duo, has rich stocks of Ma-down wind straight into the nose, between fled to the heart.I suddenly feel that this is the “harvest” of taste, experience the pure breath of sensory, mentally enjoying the satisfying harvest.I was very careful, very soft will have a flower of pepper into the carton, I do not want to fall any one.So after the beginning of autumn, Chushu, autumn while Jinsi while, my carelessness will fall without suffering from the cold wind and rain to.    A big black ant being stabbed Lee Greenwood between crawling and prompt action, I pull branches disturb it, it had a very serious sniffing among a pepper cluster into groups to go sniffing.Shock prompted it to immediately turn around, climb down along the branches.I do not understand it to this high branches to find what it?And no food to eat.Apparently it is not pepper and appetite.Do the authors, it is difficult to climb all the way, wear Jing more spines, but would like to take the high ground as tree branches, observation distance, look at the new shelter home?Or, if there is food from afar search?I am very sorry, for disturbing an ant day’s work, perhaps life.Although I do not understand the thought of it, but I believe it can never be because of fun, never been to or directed at a high tree blind from.Always, the ants for their actions have clear goals and objectives.They are in the process than we are climbing lifeline, the more bears sense of direction, a sense of responsibility and mission.The short life arranged a very full, busy in pay note action, access to food in sweat in.When old, stretching exercises, light soul, regrets worthy.    When pulled another branch, a small wasp flying lightly, green barriers on this road I tear had a strong interest, twisting and flapping wings fell on a pepper leaf pleased to take two steps forward, not live foliar absorption lip needle probe, to find flowers.After some probing, it disappointed, reluctantly shook his head, wings and fly away.    I am a little distracted this moment, wearing stab my finger, ouch, it hurts!Sucking fingers, even for a moment, faint smell of blood in the mouth spread.Fortunately, not deep thorn.I think it is my understanding.Every two days, I will be on the roof to see if it made a new branch, with a small shovel loose soil, crispness catch caterpillar who, from time to time a back end irrigated.Autumn and winter season, vegetables sub sprinkle at prickly ash tree, after ten days, will grow to a stubble uniform green to green vegetables.See the seductive green, happy and all of a sudden fried bloom![Editor: Tree man]