Cook word for love, a fleeting drunk.

Autumn morning is such a clean, lifted messy hair casually rolled in the back of the head, listen to a soothing music, so is start the day.Look out the window, the wind came softly stroking the prospect of a solution, along with a fresh mind put it lightly, staring between high-rise buildings, the city’s downtown is still the way I know, just too busy too bright, there are kind of impulse to want to escape between landscape.Desire for a peaceful, relieved from a spiritual, not too many worldly tie him down, there was no past grievances, not loved bleak after the hate, but I just want a man of clear Huan, a book, a cup of coffee , write a paragraph about the time of.    A man accustomed to solitude, listening to a zen tone will release the soul, wandering among the picturesque landscape of Taoyuan, forget earthly troubles, just keep a copy of their own Qing Huan.To think, to go the distance, wandering at the end of the day, the edge of the sea, facing the subtle wind, with open arms to greet each day good, the moment I am free and happy woman, eyebrows Qingchou will be carried by the wind.Like a cup of coffee, over the years has been the same habits, or for a long time will Fall in love with the taste of it, You love under the thick incense around the tip of shallow spills on paper, watching, reading became drunk love this life, to cook for the day word of love, the heart will be an indifferent portrayed in the text, guarding, guarding it changed the appearance of youth, was a little more indifferent beauty.    After all, I am a living Goddess of women, such as an opening in the dust of flowers, met with, parting with, really do not have too many complaints, some just stubborn personality, does not bow to throw in the towel.Perhaps the tears already flowing through the deeply infiltrated Murray, it is accompanied by a touch of fragrant blossoms strokes with light line, silent but condensed breath of the soul, should shine with beauty and wonders.Light sip of coffee, stand by knowing the taste, aroma Fall in love with it but in the end can not forget the taste of it, and the light drink, deep taste, like life, can no longer be ignored after experiencing ever really existed, those scars, those suffering, those parting of life and death, how can easily forget.    Cook word for love, drunk a fleeting, sad not want to go on touching, have deliberately avoided, has not filed; the pen is always writing about the most passionate sweet, how many people Fall in love with its beauty and how much Fall in love with its people sad?And it puts me as a partner in life, emotions and people do not talk about, and it just silently dependencies.Open book, wind, sigh disappeared in time where, hidden behind a clean, quiet indifferent heart; has been very fortunate wandering for so long, but also the guardian of such a crystal heart, not to be flashy rendered, has not been blurred by the earth, is still the way it was before; left too many memories along the way, Ye Hao happy, sad matter whether the end of his life in memorable scenery, I met not going to regret.    A voiceless, the strings play, leaning against it in prime time immersed in the text, long past the age of Dabeitaixi, Lengnuanzizhi days will care as their most elegant woman, life, work, text is grounds have been pursuing, I would say I would be good, forever and ever let relatives and friends worried, disappointed.At the moment, there are raindrops child falling out of the window, in the autumn always a little thin cold rain, standing at the window to reach out and cupped beautiful when it came to be, only to pan in the palm bloom, hastily flow from between the fingers go, my heart became an instant flow of memories.Life, so, too, tend to take the most urgent is always the most beautiful scenery, but it is left to accompany the most real emotions.    Listening to the rain outside the window, looking at a few years ago to write down words, and suddenly found myself really grown up, then that is no longer the little girl turning back, although that time still has a stubborn personality, and then share naive time really is running out of life experiences, and now appears in the mirror is a competent, cool woman, eyebrows more of a mature and rational, to understand the impermanence of things, human well-being, not only see through that thoroughly.Wind is still blowing, the rain still lower, I still in their cities depicting bits and pieces about the text, keep a warm and text dependent and fleeting whisper quietly.Look, time is like water, rush dies, the life we want to live and how much can retain collection of people and things, but I remember a few of life’s most important person?Perhaps, only to wait until the white-haired old age understand that true love only once, waiting for people who want a will so he does not forget the old memory.    White plum blossoms fall, he said: “I like this not, in an ajar Xuan window, let the words of Zen, many in full bloom in the quiet of the night.Not for a story, buried deep foreshadowing, only in the hearts of all beings, planted a Bodhi.Please be assured that all of the world are to meet long-awaited reunion.Perhaps your past life I was unable to crack the chess game, you are my life never guess the answer.”Yes, what a Zen text, if you can do if life is so clear spirit thorough understanding, I believe that with all of the world meet, are the long-awaited reunion, even if the parting will be relieved frankly, do not care about who is in , regardless of how much to pay and how much.Because of love, so compassionate; do a good woman, classy heart, not gorgeous, but must be strong.    Years guarding, guarding text, guarding better give a warm, waiting for word to go to a date, although there is no commitment and oath, but remember once loved is sufficient.Cook word for love, drunk a clear fleeting joy, life, people have thirty-two can understand, do not expect, do not retain, fate came to embrace, not too sad fate went.Willing, heart like a mirror, do not mess with dust; we reside in the mortal world, learn to take it lightly Mind, sober calm, find a comfortable peace, do their like.      Text: makeup silent (QQ: 1063565489)