Dawn condition flavor

That poetry a seventy polish finish line, the midnight bell has sounded.  Autumn hallway and over, there has been very cold, he wrote at the window shut.Perhaps too poetic rendering, drowsiness long gone.It was September 13th or two days.  Not, read a few pages website, blog in the picture have become dark color, day labor of people has gone to sleep.Xinshou picked collection of essays Yang Jiang shallow reading, began to read, he entered the depths of the text.This series, like a long time.May the last few days, a friend from the distant southern sent a set, and finally got his wish, put it down.And it will be placed next to the pillow next to the computer, readily available and easy to read.  Quiet midnight, is the most likely to think back to the.She knows how I very much like the series?She may also have feelings like Yang Jiang and elegant.Reading is strong, two in the morning bell rang.Lie down to sleep, and dawn soon.  In the day time, I like the midday dignified, like a romantic evening, may prefer Dawn.Because, all hope is from dawn.  Dawn, one by damp dew, full of expectations of a sow seed capsules.Because the seed into the soil, there was the later years of expectation and hope.  Dawn, but also by that a clean, calm down, to taste the north of rough mad, or depicting Jiangnan ink, and the southern one anecdote after another, adding a touch of life to the increasingly bleak autumn day.  Also taking advantage of the quiet dawn, to poetic vision, away from the troubles of the day.Way back in the bright sun fireworks, relaxed and long days, the geese are always on the move.  Dawn, exposure to the open air, can expect splendor of a red sun, it slowly say goodbye to witness the spectacular horizon, toward the center of the sky.Draw its essence and energy, and to open up new territory voyage, accumulated abundant enough energy.  Because assured, often people by surprise.When people full of expectations, wrote start to open the window and enjoy the beautiful autumn day, you can see is a autumn after autumn, a piece of the original vitality of the leaves, on this night, leisurely falling all over the floor, suddenly, let you added a plume sense of loss.  Quiet dawn, you can still watch a charming had to visit far apart Iraqis, may have been where the scenery changes, Iraqis have gone.Expectations understood, the watch nothing.  For long journey, Dawn, you have to take a shuttle boat that has been delayed, delayed original itinerary, you can only anxious hovering in that one lonely pier.No matter expectations, or regret, is the dawn of taste, aftertaste have to go slowly, it can not be avoided, nor perfunctory.  Dawn, as a round wheel, in the years after years in a circle change, and the dawn of the status of taste but will not overlap.Can read the scent of dawn, also read the journey of life.