Elegant reading

Read a trip, people are not always thinking about, is not it will be called poetic thinking about the pursuit of a life, or also known as elegant living.In idle afternoon or evening at sunset, holding a cup of tea, to keep quiet mind, heart and felt full and abundance.    Recently I read a book, the name of the book is called “elegant reading – distant mountains and water”, often confused secular people, why in the world there are so many unhappy people, including myself.I still do not know is not ignorance, or I already grow up.Sometimes do not know why they are so persistent, I do not know in the end in the pursuit of what kind of life.The growth of the road is full of confusion, worry, one day suddenly really want to walk into a place: between mountains, flowers, birds and fish clump free too live.Reading this book, find a little quiet place for your soul, envy and a talented, it is full of Chinese cultural implication of nearly 30 characters, write them so picturesque, like that has a rich content.    Article Writing this book is beautiful, poetic writing, like Youran into the ocean of knowledge of Chinese culture is profound in.For thousands of years the ancients left behind culture, Chinese people have a deep understanding, unique expression, there is a unique visual look at the issue, minimalist different from Westerners.China is a big country, not just vast land, more importantly, China’s culture of tolerance embodied the spirit of the connotation of harmony, a broad.    Turn the hands of the book, will be attracted by its beautiful language, a reference to the appropriate verse, the story just right for classical arrangements and original ideas so that we really elegant reading together.As Hill said, the “mountain circuit, if you want to enjoy the mountain, the mountain into the world to!While others laid hold deep in the cloud you, but it is true in this mountain.”Imagine small mountain-month high, get to the bottom, Jiang Liu sound, thousands of feet off shore, in front of the original perceptual experience of space could be so elegant dull.Suddenly I went to the water’s edge, the so-called charity, indifferent nature portrait water is generally indifferent Cheng Jing, looks aloof, felt aloof aloof.    Reading this book made me really want to some day, I can walk into a paradise, watching Pretrial blossom, listen garden flowers; at night for a month, and carefully read poetry and literature, to meet with Cao Xueqin, visit Luo Guanzhong.Suddenly there one day, I came to the West Lake in Hangzhou, where the sky is looking at the fluttering snowflakes, West Lake Expo Museum is also endowed with poetic like that, when spring water birth, bridge painting reflection, giving a chilly Whitening parts pure, fascinated.Suddenly I came on the Xiangjiang bamboo, bamboo is the kind of fresh air is crisp, straight upright appearance, a symbol of a gentleman outspoken character.Continue to walk in the earth layer of ice thousands of miles, in full bloom blossoming plum, plum spot as the number of World Heart.Orchid aroma holy, chrysanthemum elegant and solemn, these “four gentlemen” always expressed to me with something.    Elegant poetic life, lived up to the wonderful, more importantly, I give you a quiet, peaceful world, I can also give you a good mood!