“Xiaofang go,” hair finished, I asked some disadvantages floor Miniature.Because the first time to write fiction, feels neither fish nor fowl, and believe story.Loulan told my passion, but my heart is missing hero Xiaofang description.Absolutely correct, Xiaofang think how bad it is?I do not know either.This is just a hearsay story, I used to be an exaggeration and fiction novel form.I asked my wife, my wife can not answer my question.So, I went to the country, to ask Father Yan Yu.Father said that the story, the lack of description, especially the heart, the description should throw prose column.I am not willing, repeatedly see “the difference between story and novel.”.Novels fall into place in my mind, to elicit the plot is fiction character by character, by the characters of the language to reflect the theme and activities.The story using a method described, using a novel method of description.Fiction most commonly used scenes, portraits, action morphological description and dialogue.A good novel, you’re left with are those who are living, not those things.Fiction must describe and to character’s eyes and heart to see the world.People’s every move, are thinking, just like the TV screen.People must have character, or introverted, or grumpy, just like our drivers Winter Games, there must be tempered in order to drive to the summit installed wood.  Managed to “go Xiaofang” repair like a novel, but I still do not know ye think Xiaofang is bad, bad girl she is ye think.She bad girl I used maybe three to speculate, I am unknown to the text made.Then I wrote, “I this kind”, written three couples change in today’s society.Of course, the people around me do a prototype, were exaggerated and fictitious.Since they are all good people, I have to write a couple bad, I do not know how to describe this change?There are mother and daughter contradiction.I want to write for both sides sake of each other, the result is misunderstanding.The more the deeper solution contradictory, and finally get enemies.Daughter because her mother disgust, and abusive husband.Unfortunately, the tragic death of her husband, only to remarry.She married a new husband, a new Chifley overpowered her and her superstitious method.As part of the fiction, I do not know how to portray their hearts.After much thought, aimlessly I went to the site, suddenly sprouted experience the feeling of the bad guys do, so you can not write it gradually deteriorated heart.  Although, to experience the feeling of the bad guys do, but I paid a certain price.I laugh at myself useless, no man of tolerance, casual criticize individuals, have to use the power of alcohol.Did not do bad things in this life, next life can not.Relied on the wine world, put a few hard words.Now think about all ashamed.Last year, just learned how to chat, a long time, inevitably a bit mental activity, I’m just as guilty of the most heinous sin in the “write Wife”, both have vowed to review.Nothing more than a little mental activity, to do their own tense times.My novel in which the hero, once described to me, first looking after Miss.Not a little shame, not a little shame, more emotion and excitement.As if he was finally an eye-opener; if he were to enjoy special satisfaction with the goods; if he finally higher than the other men first class; if he is the happiest person in the world.Think prank on the site, it is ridiculous.This game really should not play.  After the experience, I think Song Jiang took out a knife, just to scare Yan Poxi.I did not expect Yan Poxi shouted: “kill!”Because of fear of Song Jiang, I have no intention to kill her Cuoshou.If Yan Poxi not yelling, Song Jiang had no intention to hurt her, took the envelope, natural peace and quiet.  Visible, most criminals are good.Degree of start did not mean to break the law, but in the development of the situation, transition, gradually expand, increase and deepen, crime.  As a result, I think Wu “Lecture Room” Water Margin characters of.Listen lecturer said that the tragedy of Pan Wu is according to the first-hand.Pan is a good girl, because foreclosed homes in the rich, the rich see color from malicious and want to satisfied concubine.Pan would rather die than from.Vicious rich man gave her white Dalang, it has been shown insult.Then, to see the tall and mighty Wu Song Pan, affection difficult to self-control, out of words to express their love.Wu did not expect to understand style, mistake this love as incest, as the sister is not in virtue of an adulteress.If Wusong Wan Yan with refuse, understanding the difficulties of his wife, of course, is another outcome.Almost rude Wu, to his wife as a slut, he humiliated his wife and my heart has changed.  More hateful, leaving Wu, brother confessed look like a thief, looked at his wife, what night and returned early, what tie the prison fence, wild dogs not admitted.Pan anger cursed like crazy.  Wu only morally bound Pan, Pan understand and did not go up from the brotherhood, so young and beautiful people face a dwarf-like man, how will provoke waves heart love it!  Wu Pan same mistake again put into the sharp wind waves mouth.  Again early years, Yan Shun curtain of a skit, only vaguely remember, as if called Zhang III is a good and mediocre people.For some reason, a woman was accused of.Zuiben, no ability Huanzui.People washing clothes to dry completely, gone.Joe Smith to the intolerable.Exactly, windy.Because he hated that woman, they want bigger wind, those clothes are all scraped.His mouth murmuring, leaving the body sway with the wind strength.Burst of wind, scraping off all the clothes, the woman appeared just saw Bob’s action……  This psychological crime, is most vividly portrayed yan shunkai.  Lin Chen Xiaoxu actor because too deep into the drama, how can get out of the shadow of Lin Daiyu.Then a monk, died a few years ago.I do not know, is not art harm her?But I still marvel.I will not have her do that kind of mentality?In order to write a character, that character and that it must be.The only way to put the characters are lifelike.  At noon came back from work, my wife is watching TV.The play, a rich young mother, suddenly discovered that he had just shelter soon, a suffering girl, turned himself just gave birth soon after the loss of her daughter.Daughter said biological parents do not understand the words, they sleep from.Mother hands her mouth, forcibly suppressed his cry, I want to recognize that they can not recognize the expression of pain.I said to my wife: “write novels, which have a large segment of the heart description.You say, this mother ye think?”Wife thought, seriously said:” excited, thrilled, so excited!””wrong!”I said:” You say that the behavior description, the description should be her heart, ye think, why can not recognize or?”Sure enough, I can not control mother, burst into the bathroom, turn on the tap, while crying himself tells edge.  ”Look, she herself is the heart of this description.”The wife looked at me:” No wonder you take me for air, too put it?Later, I was at home, must not be allowed to write!”” Yes, sir.”I made a face, and quickly hold his wife about:” How can?I have not been in it and you Laoke?”I had to go to work at six, six nights after work, lunch break fart big moment.My family’s rule, who play computer who wash the dishes.In order to write a novel, of course, the dishwashing.Has been busy finished seven.Sitting in front of the computer, call a wife from time to time, just like a good while, she was a shout, not a.After completion of the response, the new want.Finally his wife to sleep, but the blink of an eye, went to nine o’clock.Wife suddenly shouted: “Shutdown.”Before nine, must be shut down, but also my family rules.  I played the word slowly, one day be able to write how much?  A few days ago, some students returned from the field, the students one by one by one, please.Go out drinking, can not play on the computer, I was anxious.Wine on the table, the students chatting in the past.One student eloquent, when talking about things, both actions, but also the idea of the heart, much like fiction.He said: just graduated had never been seen in a night, “bang bang” was hard knock on the door, he said, hand gestures knock on the door of the action, as if he did see people knocking at the door.He went out and saw a neighbor sister-in-law holding a child: “Brother, Uncle Liu front yard to die, your brother not at home, I’m afraid!”He let the sister-in-law into the house, then went to his own home Uncle Liu.He said to us: “You say do not blame blame, usually Uncle Liu family dogs ‘barking’ much worse?Who dares to go to his house!At the moment, the dog seemed to know that I went to his house to help, do not call out for words.We also followed, he said: “It’s strange.”Only a few old lady house, Liu aunt quickly let my backyard Uncle Li Qu Han.We all know that Uncle Li is an expert in white matter areas.He trotted doing the action side and said to us: “I quickly trot, ‘bobbing’ Uncle Li went home.Uncle Li Keba, which we all know, he imitated himself out of breath wheezing, and report the situation, while imitating Uncle Li stammered command: “You and.my home.Six, and quickly.go with…Find you Uncle Liu.of…Old son.”This is our mountain of things, he said that these people, we all know.He said: “He and VI while sprint, went to the Cannery.”He is still a full-on action expression.He entered the factory gate and asked: “Mahone it?”Factory of people, the hills are our old acquaintances.I told him to go back a while.They then went to Uncle Liu swiftly home.Six small, afraid of dogs, but people fear death.So, he later went to the room, facing the window shouting loudly: “Mahone, Liu whole.”His hand was doing trumpet-shaped, though, the sound is not high, we seem to see when he’s hysterical.  Cried for a long time, nobody answered, he went back Cannery.They told him again, Mahone really go home.This time, certainly no one would dare joke.He believes that people’s words, but why did it at home?  He ran to the house, shouting for a long time, still no answer.He climbed up the firewood pile, shouting for a long time, still no answer.He said to the six: “handed me a brick.”Six asked:” doing?”He said:” You handed it.”He took a brick to hit hard against the wall.”Pop” sound, then Mahone head emerged from the window: “Who?”He saw Mahone at home, gas is not one to play.Mahone was big, but also is a driver, not to offend, he bitterly said: “I!”Mahone some impatience:” what matter?”At this time, he really intolerable, pointing a finger at Mahone said:” Your father is dead!”Great guy finished laughing, he then said:” The next day, he chose a more personal place questioned Mahone: “Mahone, last night, do you think I find you pull it firewood?Rest assured that this life will not beg you brothers!”Mahone very embarrassed straining patting him on the shoulder:” Brothers, said Shane?Later, the brother you.”He is laughing at us, learn to Shandong accent:” Grandma, I still have not fooling please!”If he tells a good finish is a nice novel.  Long ago, the old father is too raw.Wife and sister at home the child is graduating from college, but also to learn classical Chinese.He worked as a teacher, lawyer, Eloquence is evident.It was her turn to speak, she said: “With spring approaching footsteps, finally ushered in the birthday classic,” The next step is congratulatory.I can not remember.I wish the old man finished, I wish Uncle family, an uncle, a Hongli.And to bless all the little brothers and sisters, there is no repetition of the word, very novel.I praise, just as the United States-language website as exciting.I turn to the girl, and the girl is my second year of middle school students.7, 8 years old, is the word I wish my sister just finished my whole body trembling with excitement girl, Jiliguala can say a bunch of.Today, I show the girl how it?  Girl stood up, holding the cup, he said loudly: “Although I can not be like my sister put it nicely, but I was from the heart, we toast to wish grandpa always healthy body!”Everyone laughed.  Jin Yong “Swordsman” in the description of Qingcheng is rubbish.He copyright to a coin, symbolic sold to CCTV.In filming the drama of the occasion, Jin Yong Yu Canghai actor about to go to Qingcheng, experience role.Qingcheng disciples, group and attack, is to keep up the hill They.Finally, the main concept that, came forward to greet, Jin Yong just get on the mountain.  After the discovery of the mountains Jin Yong, Qingcheng did not describe him as wretched, doing.Before leaving he said that if re-write a book, be sure to write Qingcheng door upright.  Inexplicable think of Jin Yong, in conjunction with their prank on the site, I think of my novels.Although her friends do prototypes and put them into exaggeration or good or very bad.I do not, nor is it moral?The future is people know, do not call me that rumors?If you are not working, it can not be called fiction!  He wrote a novel 6,7 thousand words, so ran aground.I just wrote a couple of “Yang Hsiu the death of” the way, Yang Hsiu show off in the form of several small smart.Let me give you a couple of small examples, depicts his wife is an unscrupulous speculation of the general public face of the franchise.Joe Smith, like her husband, to be portrayed as a crime of the heart.That leads them to one pair of her husband’s tragic death.In alternate description of this one, in today’s society the divorce rate is quite high, a woman guarding a Oufan schizophrenic husband.Husband can only do some small living, spending most of the family, thanks to a woman she.She is very pretty, but not against the law.She brought the whole tree farms who are not worth as she Ming.While still guarding her husband live strong.Respectable, Alas!delete?Effort to write something, could not bear!Continue, I lost courage.Unable to find criteria for life.  Clever editing, you tell me that my novel can continue to do?  A good person, want to make something outrageous things, really hard ah!  Dear Editor, we strive to do real work to write, “Who is the most beautiful people,” the author Wei Wei, in order to do real work, risking their lives, personally went to the Korean front.I would also like to invite you to experience a real return.Not good to speak out loud, realistic, true to yourself, really good.