Heart like fireflies

Hot in the summer, when the sun goes dare breathe out.Dark, I always like to go for a walk in the park alone, swaying like to see Feng Ying, shady trees; like to wear flowers help leaves, subtle fragrance floats; like to see the lake calm as a mirror, lake Ambilight.      Night hazy, hazy months also, and wandering around in the park of the ocean feel more poetic hazy.Air mixed with the smell of jasmine children, intoxicated.Trance, heard the little girl crisp voice: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”Looked in the past, it turned out to be a father holding daughter wearing a floral skirt in a walk.Daughter but was occurring in the grass a few fireflies attracted, stared, forced break his father’s hand, you want to catch fireflies.      Father tried to dissuade: “Do not catch up, be careful you have insect bites.”My daughter is in spite of, his father said:” I make a riddle to guess, OK?”Live grass daytime, night flying out, with the light path as children, afraid black fly.”” My daughter impatiently: “Firefly, I know, do not speak!”Then hit the hand toward a small positive fireflies suddenly a fishing results off the air.The little girl continued unabated interest waving hands, fired at sixty-seven, no one thought to give her really caught a.Watching from the fingers seeped out of the green shimmer, shouted excitedly: “caught, caught.”Out of the bushes, Xianbao like Coushang open to see his father.But they saw fireflies motionless, the little girl suddenly began to cry, said: “dead, my father, died Firefly.”My father touched her daughter’s head, not without regret, said:” fireflies twinkling trace of light, beautiful, want for ourselves.But the beauty of adult fireflies, but an average of only five days, it will die.After you only admire, do not catch it right away. “.The little girl looked at her hands lying fireflies, cried even more sad.      The little girl saw tears in their eyes, I can not help but think of his fourteen year old that summer, also saw the flying fireflies, also burst into tears.At the time myself, like a crystal clear mind.The evening meal, an outstanding, handsome gas male students come about suddenly I get out, I was excited, face some slightly hot.I know I have been laughing, laughing at, I do not know.To a small stream, I saw will never forget the picture: the sparkling creek, on both sides of wildflowers and reeds swaying in the wind, even the moon and stars are also reflected on the water, sparkling, coupled with Wow Wow, the sound of water, everything is so beautiful.Then I saw the spirit of the night: a firefly, glowing green, no, two, three, more and more, and finally to Chen Qun convoy of fireflies emit faint green light, Twinkle, twinkle coming to us, we were in the head, clothes side, next to the fingers fly.I can feel them merrily trace of joy, tease each other, play with each other.      I can not help raising his arm to rotate them, emit pleasant laughter.”You still laugh when the most beautiful.”I went back and looked at the boy and saw his long eyelashes, a pair of sparkling eyes smile, like stars, like fireflies.      Then there is the Specious, muddle.You secretly place a loved one in my pencil eraser, I quietly hiding a red apple in your drawer, and a laugh.Later on, excited and curious and scared to be known, like you want but words do not convey, stubborn willfulness but burst into tears, sad then Laoyanfenfei.Think everything is false, just like fireflies, though beautiful but aloof, elusive.      Young lovers meet in the season, we are very difficult to afford carrying a happy ending.Sentimental love, like a meteor, like fireflies, like sinking tears streaming down our minds.      At 13:10 on September 6th, 2017