(Male) Honey, you want me?

(Male): Honey, do you want me?This is the soulful cries of the call, which is a trace of tenderness desire, this is a pursuit of wanted to get the thoughts of relief, although we live together in one city, you want the distance between me again a little closer, a little closer again.But then a little closer Why so difficult!    (Female): Honey, I want you!As the night outside the window, like deep, deep.The night wind whistling, blown away my thoughts of you, eyes full of tears, it is entangled in the pain you love.Although we live together in one city, you are like my distance as far heaven on earth, why is it so hard to break through the barriers of secular!    (Male): Honey, I was looking at the night sky cry; let Starlight bring you affectionate talk; let me carry a boundless care clouds.I quietly face the night sky, gazing at the direction of where you are, full of the sustenance, for your tomorrow!If you will, like me, for I love so touching, so nostalgia, so deep?    (Female): My dear, when you think I secretly call your name in my heart, which has become my habit.Although we during the day can not meet regularly every night accustomed to waiting for you on the line, accustomed as you generally repeated listening to the same piece sad song, I was lonely, and I in this lonely space, has been in the thoughts of you among such a feeling you never know, you can do is endless question my love for you.    (Male): Honey, when I asked you if like me you think this sentence, I just want to tell you, we’ll pursue the real life, we strive to emotions and simple, we have a good mood, we restraint Acacia pain!As long as you know, I think you quietly, it was enough!    (Female): I always think you are very smart, can scurry casual ease of the Way of Love.I think I have chic, I like rain chic, your dashing like the wind, to get along with you, I found that I fell in love with the dashing handsome you.But I hope you chic style, can let me chic rain has been falling on your heart!    (Male): I really want you!Really, I think you.You can truly feel my ardent hope this.Even a little free time I would open my memory, I will quietly let the thoughts flow gently softly approached you in the footsteps of time.In a very quiet night, opening a dim light, you have to give my music, there is every word I wrote to you, this is what kind of feeling ah!Miss so far away, but it is so close to happiness!You lingering raindrops have accumulated into a “sea of love” in my heart!    (Female): Honey, if you are in front of me, I would not tell you questions about love, I have been in front of you with impunity, I have been when you were my final destination, again and again nothing in front of you little naughty, but I hope you love me a little, I look at you for a small coke head random amount of patience, I can not help but secretly naughty snicker, but also glad that they get to know you so good in this life, Honey, forgive me Fengyun little selfishness, right!    (Male): Honey, anyway, I have only one purpose, hope you are happy, hope you’re happy!As you bring me happiness.At this point, there is a kind of happiness, filled every inch of Acacia’s at a time.Your pleasure is my Acacia; you keep me from sadness, happy spirit.    (Female): I ask that you use your words: Honey, do you want me?    (Male): I also use your words to answer you, my dear, I want you!    February 4, 2013 of Spring