720, my ultimate home

720 plant, a part of the city and away from the heart of the remote plant, to move people, almost all elderly, many elderly people every year in which to finish his last journey.Factory where new housing erected everywhere, but many are empty, are the second generation of man-made mine out hard to prepare their own destiny.    Walking on the road 720, in addition to the main roads, other places are deserted, I could not find the shadow which moved several rooms before each building, the crowd of three thousand three hundred twenty-two farms to buy food, and around the dense construction of all proportion; spacious night of Malaysia on the road, almost invisible shadows, firefly firefly lights, glowing shadow of the cold, looked at the elderly gathered in the factory, I think, in the near future, as older people leave mine the second generation of 720 plants, 724 mines, 721 mines ——- us, will become the major groups here.    720 is more suitable for older people, poker, mahjong, table tennis, croquet, dancing, boxing, etc., the elderly want activities and venues have here, but also often organize community activities.Old people get together and talk about their own children, kind of a la carte, the point of digging wild, invited some partners to shop, lived a very leisurely pace.Here human honest, warm, kind-hearted, something no one, neighbors, understanding, or not very understanding, we will contribute money, mutual use the service; usually a little good, a little home-grown, or a little useful to others things, people will come to share the door to the people around, the city of love between the truth and the gradual loss of the neighborhood, to get back here and to feel.    720 has been the final resting place of my heart.Out nearly two decades, the bitterness only you know, classmates, friends, fellow, have gradually diverged.And colleagues outside the know, friends, communication time is not long, everyone in the efforts for their future, along with their respective development and changes, contact less and less, until gradually forgotten.    Return home!When I’m alone warmest miss; home!I have always lingering, wandering the countryside far forward, back to my parents, brothers, classmates and friends around, let me think back to that all warm place.